About Us

Are you suffering from stagnant sales and poor business performance?
Is bringing prospects to your company a constant struggle?
Do you experience major drawbacks in generating qualified business to business leads?

Good news! ERP Software Leads is here to fix that.

With a wealth of experience since 2004, ERP Software Leads delivers a variety of outsourced telemarketing services for processes such as appointment setting, lead qualification, webinar/seminar invitation and lead walk-through. We fully understand your need for cost-efficient and results-oriented marketing solutions. That’s what makes us passionate about providing quality sales leads and B2B appointments. This saves you from the complex, expensive, and time-consuming search for business opportunities. The satisfaction of our clients, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, motivate us to be better than we already are.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Business Contact Database

    We are proud to host a multi-million  contact database spanning North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our in-house data specialists and phone verifiers don’t stop until you’re giving a contact list that is perfectly fit for your campaign. This information is updated daily by more than 300 calling agents. With fresh, accurate data, we promise to bring your brand straight to your targeted prospects. For instance, if you want to target Singapore leads for your B2B telemarketing campaign then you get nothing but quality leads and sales appointments from Singapore.

  • Expertise

    We wouldn’t have lasted for several years without the necessary resources, competence and expertise. Our people comprise of highly-trained professional telemarketers and appointment setters. These professionals have more than three years of experience in the following areas of software specialization: finance and accounting, HR and payroll, manufacturing and supply chain management, CRM, electronic medical records, business intelligence, project and data management, and customized applications. Every team we assign immediately begins to study your product/service, analyze trends in your industry, offer feedback, and monitor your program results.

  • The Pipeline CRM Tool

    We not only provide the best solutions but the tools to go with them. Our PipelineCRM© is our multi-channel web-based CRM tool that enables managers and sales professionals to streamline business development. It houses all the essential functions of a modern CRM tool. You can view the dashboard and sales pipeline of representatives in any region, at any time, and from anywhere. It delivers an up-to-the-minute report on both closed sales and forecastings in any format (html, csv, pdf, xml]).

  • Milestones

    We could not be happier than to see our clients close business deals and increase their sales performance. For more than seven years of serving global businesses, we have helped small and medium-sized firms and multinational corporations from east to west. Some of our clients include SAGE partners, IBM, Microsoft and CITRIX.