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Marketing CRM Softwares: On-line or Off-line Methods?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, is an enterprise resource planning software that is mainly used for implementing strategies for managing a business’ interaction with its clients, customers, and even its prospects. This computer application allows businesses to automate, organize, and sync in processes, mainly for sales tasks, yet it can also be utilized for marketing, implementing customer service, and even a bit of technical support.

Programmers, manufacturers, and resellers of the CRM software have a choice between marketing their computer application in either on-line or off-line methods.

Let us weigh the differences between the two option.

On-line marketing

As a common mindset, a computer application needs a digital way of marketing. CRM software sellers can utilize the power of the World Wide Web to market their computer application. They can post meaningful content to site directories to increase their site’s web traffic. Upon doing so will allow their product to be marketed to a wide-array of markets that will be interested in the purchase of their software.

Off-line marketing

When it all comes down to it, the leading method for off-line marketing lies in outsourced telemarketing services. Telemarketing firms, especially those that has gained enough experience, knowledge, understanding, and expertise on the IT industry, allows precision targeting for software leads depending on the software seller’s targeted specifications. For instance, telemarketing firms use their detailed and lengthy database to target suitable clients located in the auto industry then the business will get ERP leads in this sector. Apart from that, an immense level of speed is also integrated within the campaign.

Sellers of this computer application should weigh these differences well for their CRM lead generation. Such businesses can mix and match between these two means to enhance their chances for acquiring a profitable marketing campaign.


Software Lead Generation: Not Entirely Compatible to the Digital Scene

Software, in more technical terms, is a list or a collection of computer applications and all relevant data pertaining to providing instructions to a computer as to what it will do and how it will do its assigned tasks. Businesses look into software as an Enterprise Resource Planning tool or ERP for short. ERP applications tend to focus more on business processes above anything else. Examples of such software include those that help business owners manage their finance/accounting, sales, customer relationship, and manufacturing to name a few.

ERP software are designed to aid businesses in streamlining tasks and lowering down operational costs. Manufacturers, programmers, and resellers of these types of softwares look into what the World Wide Web can offer them in their search for suitable clients that will buy their product. But is this the most viable option for their gain?

True that the Internet can offer a lot when ERP manufacturers and resellers are in search of quality software leads but there are more reliable means in doing so. Try to take a look at the prowess of professional telemarketers; they may be surrounded by all sorts of negative rumors but they are the best when it comes to software lead generation.

Apart from being experts in generating leads, telemarketers are known to be quite knowledgeable in various ERP software. This is due to their constant training in this matter and they take into account to know the needs of a prospect to better address their situation to an optimal degree. As of late, today’s professional call center agents are known to be quite educated in software like SAP, SAGE, and various Oracle applications.

Telemarketing allows for the response of the prospect to be heard immediately as compared to Internet marketing. With the aid of professional telemarketers, generating software sales leads becomes quicker and is done with utmost expertise.


Outsourcing Telemarketing Helps You Obtain Warm Business Intelligence Software Leads

Business intelligence software manufacturers and resellers have been helping companies when it comes to benchmarking, data and text mining, predicting analytics, online analytical processing and managing business performance. Since the number of providers are growing and new players are about to come sooner than later, firms may not be able to enjoy the high sales performance that they have experienced before. The challenge of competition is making it hard for the players to get as many ripe business opportunities they can handle. How to fight back harder to land in front of prospects? What is the right way towards the doors of sales-ready buyers? In this case, outsourcing can offer help.

What makes an outsourced telemarketing a viable method to generate warm business intelligence software leads? Why are outbound call centers competent in software lead generation? Here is a list of convincing reasons:

  • Save money. Cost-reduction has been the most popular benefit of outsourcing. Companies can take advantage of the low-cost solutions without worrying the quality of services they will receive. With the prices soaring high and financial pressures, firms need to save as much money as possible and outsourcing can help.
  • Work with the experts. The manpower of reliable service providers are composed of professional telemarketers who have the technical training and proficiency in software lead generation. You will be confident that your campaigns are handled by the right people.
  • Use of leading technology. Outsourcers have also invested so much in acquiring technological applications. They want to provide client services at high-speed performance and with the least number of errors.
  • Get as many qualified b2b leads. Of course, the use of specialists and technology leads to the generation of qualified b2b leads.

Every software firm wants to fill their sales pipeline with warm leads and appointments. You can attain this goal through outsourcing. Get in touch with a first-rate BPO partner now.


Are you Considering to Outsource Your Software Lead Generation?

Software companies offering different solutions to other business organizations are in the peak of intense competition. They are struggling to convert the large business opportunities that are present both in the offline and online markets because of their booming population. Since consumers of these products have several choices to pick, it would not come as a surprise why some firms, particularly SMBs, are left with a small market share. They need to act quickly before the current of competition sink them.

In this case, software lead generation is usually one of the best strategies to undertake. This requires them to take some of their time, manpower, money and other assets to find business contact information of targeted prospects, connect with the former, showcase their solutions and close business deals. So easy when read, right? But the fact remains that generating leads and making business appointments are two of the most daunting tasks in marketing. Only those with the skills, experience and time can survive and win after the struggles. In their case, some may not be able to do it successfully.

For internal reasons like insufficient resources and little know-how, some companies resort to outsourcing. They seek to find a reliable partner that specializes in their industry and offers affordable services. Now, are you considering the possibility of seeking outside support? Here are some things that may help you decide:

  • Manpower. Do you have the human capital that are experts in generating ERP software leads, SAP leads, or SAGE leads? In the first place, do you have enough manpower to handle properly and to manager a campaign? If your answer is no to either or both of these queries, then perhaps it is for your company’s sake to hire a service provider.
  • Technology. Are you willing to acquire applications needed to run a program? If you already have, is it enough to expedite your sales process, improve employee productivity and reduce errors? When your answers are negative, think of asking for professional assistance. BPO partners have invested so much in technology, making their campaigns faster and more reliable.
  • Costs. Are you in tight budget? Do you want to save your money for critical mission projects? Are you hesitating to incur the huge expenses of an in-house campaign? If your goal is a low-cost solution, hiring a third party will allow you to achieve such objective.

Outsourcing has been lending its helping hand to many companies. Your firm can be the next to benefit with this engagement. Just remember that you can get the most of outsourced services by partnering a trustworthy, competent leads provider.




The How-To’s in Generating CRM Software Leads through Telemarketing

When it comes to reliability in generating qualified sales leads, marketing through the phone is always on top. It boasts its high reach and response ratio rates, making it possible to achieve ease of communication with prospects and receive immediate responses from them. I would not doubt the trust that several companies have put on telemarketing. The fast process and results are just too beneficial for marketers to ignore. But of course, they are bound to perform well so they can achieve their goals.

For companies that offer CRM software, they can use teleprospecting to get in front of their prospective clients. They can maximize the use of this direct response vehicles to reach potential customers before the rival firms steal them away. In order to assure the success of running a telesales program, here are some thoughts to keep in mind.

  • Utilize an updated telemarketing list. Unless you have the accurate business contact information, you will never reach the phone lines of the decision-makers. Check not just the phone numbers but also all the information stored in the database.
  • Know the best time to call. Improve your success rate by learning the best time to make a call. You cannot expect the owners, IT managers or other decision-makers to be in the office the whole day. Make sure that when you call they are present to answer.
  • Write a catchy, content-wise calling script. Software lead generation is not about plain advertising. Your clients want to know how your solutions can help their operations. This is why you have to create your calling script by including only the important details. Make it more engaging, informative but not too much, and interactive to build rapport.
  • Recruit, hire and develop competent, highly motivated telemarketers. Do not let your bright ideas evaporate into thin air just because your marketers are incapable of executing your plans. That is why the recruitment and hiring activities are very crucial in employing skilled workers. Also, polish their abilities by exposing them to various trainings and workshops.

Obtaining high-quality CRM software leads can be attained through phone marketing. If you are confident that an in-house undertaking can seal success, then greenlight an onsite campaign. But if otherwise, look for a reliable outsourced telemarketing service to accomplish the job.

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