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Augment Your Sales-Making Skills With Telemarketing Services

Now those of you who have demonstrated a clear mastery of making B2B sales might seem confident at the prospect of lead generation. After all, if you can get a prospect to buy, how hard can it be to at least get them interested?
Well unfortunately that might not be the case. You see there can be a fine difference between the skills needed to finally convince prospects to buy and the skills needed to analyze them beforehand and see if there are any good chances of such a sale being made in the first place.


The problem with jumping directly too soon into the sales making process is that it risks making bad assumptions on the prospect’s part. That can be costly in any B2B industry because executives won’t really take kindly to being contacted by people trying to make an instant sell out of them. It comes off as inconsiderate and if you take pride in your sales-making skills, it’s more beneficial to have them come to you on their terms than the other way around. This is also why business professionals who are skilled in making skills still have trouble because there isn’t a constant flow of leads to make sales out of.


Outsourcing to lead generation services can help fill in those gaps and bring qualified prospects to you via set appointments. Those who deploy telemarketing agents are particularly direct and can literally give your campaign a living, breathing impression that automated means cannot offer.


So don’t waste any more time waiting around for leads to just come on your doorstep. Contact a telemarketing company today so you can truly maximize your sales-making potential!

Outsourced Telemarketing Plays By The Rules

It’s quite sad when a particular way of doing business is stigmatized by how it’s abused. Telemarketing is automatically one of the first to come into people’s minds. When the telephone was first realized and people began to use it for marketing, it was quite an innovation.


Now though people associate it with other marketing practices often riddled with ridicule or considered old-fashioned (infomercials, door-to-door sales, live demonstrations). Worst still are the scandals executed through its use, like people posing false identities to extort money from unsuspecting receivers. It’s one reasons why Do-Not-Call registers were established. Now few people actually welcome a telemarketing call these days.


Yet, this trend will not spare the so-called ‘new means’ of lead generation. People speak of internet advertising, social networking, and SEO (especially for anything computer related like generating software leads). However, it won’t be long before they start running into the problems of spam, viruses, spyware, and the threat of hackers. Why this is just another repeat of what happened to telemarketing!


However, when you think about it, is it really the methods that are intrinsically evil or is it simply because they have found use in the hands of evil people? Logically, the answer is the latter and which is why even something like telemarketing can still be effective if you know how to play it by the rules (or least know somebody who does).


Truth be told there are plenty of honest businesses and groups who still do things honestly. Be it the professional web designer who has vigilantly refrained from affiliating with hackers or the telemarketer who knows the laws and strategies to limit cold calling. The only way you’ll know however is if you outsource to them.

Help Leads New And Old With Outsourced Telemarketing

Remember that there are two kinds of B2B telemarketing out there: outbound and inbound. Outbound telemarketing, when done right, usually involves researching a comprehensive database of previously collected business contact information and refining results strictly according to client’s specifications. Calls made are not in fact always attempts to sell the product but to ask if a client is in need of it. Qualified leads are then further processed and then finally arranged to have an appointment with the client.


Inbound telemarketing works in a slightly similar way but is arguably easier. After using another method of sparking prospect interest (e.g. advertising, email invitation, website etc), inbound agents await calls from inquiring prospects and give them more information.


Now with regards to the latter, it is also said that it can act as an excellent method for business lead generation when times are hard. You see inbound telemarketers can also double as gateways for customer service calls. While waiting for any new inquiries, they can also receive the calls from old leads and help them resolve issues. The feedback they get can also be used to improve and aid in product development as well as keep these old leads anticipating for future updates.


By granting friendly phone access both to inquiring prospects and old ones in need of assistance, your inbound telemarketing can help convert both to qualified leads that can lead to more sales for your company. Don’t just simply rely on automated means. Start outsourcing today to lead generation services that engage in this brand of telemarketing. That way you can be more active in engaging prospects new and old.

SCM Software Needs Speedy Information Gathering, Not Speedy Selling

It’s often a common notion that the faster you sell, the more profitable you are. While that can be true in lot of cases, the few cases where it isn’t can result in very painful consequences for a business. SCM software companies are one example.


If you’re familiar with supply chains, you will know that there’s a lot more than one company involved. Developing the software that helps them locates suppliers and oversee the production requires a lot of study. However, an equal amount of study is also required for locating the companies who would most likely take interest in this software.


You see in B2B transactions, you can expect higher sums of money to be exchanged. Therefore, it’s likely that every single sale can mean great profits. Logically, to sell something like that at high speed would mean big bucks right?


Well that’s hard to say with the amount of study you need to do so that you won’t turn off your client. As much as business executives are more open to products like this, not even they can appreciate someone just shoving a product in their faces in an attempt to get them to buy.


If you really want something sped up, speed up the rate of qualifying your software leads. Money isn’t what you should focus on gathering at high speed. It’s information. Getting that information can then quicken your software appointment setting so that you can have an easier (and faster) time turning them into sales.


For starters, try using outsourced telemarketing as a means of contacting and screening your prospects. It’s not only cost-efficient but they can show you exactly why information gets speed priority.

B2B Lead Generation VS B2B Sales

In ERP software, or any B2B-oriented company for that matter, there can be a fine difference between making a sale and generating the interest that leads up to it. You see in making a sale, there is a natural tendency to assume a need that might not necessarily be there. That can be dangerous in the B2B world as executives can be far more confident in what they currently have in the face of someone trying to make money out of them.


Sometimes it’s better to evaluate a prospect first before going ahead and attempting to sell. This is why there is a phase where the software leads of an ERP group must be qualified first so as to check if there’s a lot of prospect interest for them to act upon.


B2B software telemarketing can help you with that. Contrary to popular opinion, not all telemarketers are about trying to sell something directly to the people they’re calling. In fact, some would argue that B2B telemarketers have an easier time analyzing your prospects than trying to market to them directly.


Setting appointments is already a guarantee in of itself that a prospect is open to buying something. Employing the services of professional call center agents simply gives you a more controlled, accurate, and speedy method of executing that.


Qualifying prospects can be a really important process in B2B lead generation because B2B clients are not statistics you can just gloss over like you would an average consumer. On the other hand, you’ll have way more success with those that are qualified compared to average consumers. Contact a software telemarketer today and qualify your leads to create profitable sales!

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