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Accounting Software Leads – Set Up Meetings, Not Commercials!

Now of course some people might protest the above title and say that accounting software can also be the subject of commercials. However, that’s only assuming that said software would benefit from being marketed to hundreds or thousands of people who see a need for a personal accounting system.


What about those who supply software that was meant to handle something bigger (like the finances of a large corporation)? Will commercials be just as effective then? It’s doubtful.


See this is what happens when people confuse the B2B and B2C markets. In B2C, getting leads is just a matter of advertising something in front of a lot of people and hopefully they’ll just pick up a copy and buy. On the other hand, B2B products are so much bigger and more complex that you need to set up a meeting appointment just to discuss them properly.


With that in mind, it’s surprising then when you learn of many B2B groups utilizing telemarketing services to do their software appointment setting. See unlike regular, consumer-oriented accounting software, B2B accounting systems boast a lot of features more suitable to managing corporate transactions instead of personal ones.


This puts suppliers at risk of giving too much information when their prospects are too busy and can spare only so much time. With the right information however, professional telemarketers will know exactly what to say to make a product relevant to their needs. This generates more interest and in turn, makes them more likely to want an appointment to learn more.


Don’t waste your time using strategies that are inappropriate for a B2B product. Give something like telemarketing a try because such products rely more on meetings and less commercials for sales.

ERP Leads Need Careful Information Control

Given the large size scope of an ERP software package, you need to be really careful not to give your prospects the much dreaded information overload. It doesn’t matter if you use social media, telemarketing, or even just plain media advertising, each of these methods are only at their best when contact with a prospect is kept short and simple.


Now when it comes to B2B products like ERP software, both the telephone and the internet can make for very effective tools. However, as stated above, you need to really control how much information you give out. And it’s not just you who has to give out that information. You need it too. How else are you going to qualify a client or do any necessary follow-ups?


One of the reasons why too much information can turn prospects off is that it’s inconsiderate. When you don’t know your prospect that well, why waste their time citing things they may not care for?


With that said, here’s a simple way you can unite both telemarketing and internet marketing to carefully control the information exchange for software appointment setting. Try interchanging the two mediums each time a client expresses greater interest. If they respond to an email, you can give them the option of receiving a call from you so they can learn more. The reverse can also be just as effective. You give them a polite call and then send a more detailed email or point them to a website if they show some interest.


You don’t even need to worry about investing too much. Outsourced lead generation services do things like this all the time. Why not call one today and see it all in action?

Medical Software Leads – Know The Right Time To Call

Everyone has made an appointment with a doctor at least once. However, have you ever wondered what this meant from a doctor’s perspective? Have you ever wondered exactly how many patients a doctor sees in a day? Why would you even ponder this?

To answer that last question, you would if you were in any business that specifically targets doctors and other medical professionals. Medical software is obviously one of them.


Keep in mind that with the many appointments that are made with a doctor every single day, you’ll be hard-pressed to consult their schedule. And naturally, schedules can differ but they can have one thing in common: they’re mostly full.


If you’re still not convinced that this isn’t a problem, recall some of the common methods for generating medical leads. From the newest trends of internet marketing (emails, websites, social media) to more classical methods (business cards, mailing lists, telemarketing). Whichever you choose however, a busy schedule is going to be a big obstacle.


How do you expect a doctors to read emails when they’re busy with a patient? It’s the same with calls. Do you really think that even they don’t have a gatekeeper of some kind?


In this case however, telemarketing can have a slightly higher advantage. Gatekeepers are unlike inboxes where your means of contact are either immediately discarded or ignored. You can still negotiate with them if you outsource professional telemarketers.


You see the thing about them is that they not only know the right words to bypass gatekeepers, they also keep very strict attention to the time they are calling. Contact a B2B software telemarketer today and you’ll see for yourself the precise timing that only experience can teach.

B2B Leads – Ask Questions First

When you’re in the business of improving CRM via software, you’d probably be the first to drop a jaw if someone tells you to use telemarketing. Honestly, why would you use the one method that plenty of customers hate?


Well before you actually do drop your jaw, you might want to check if desperately trying to sell over the phone is the only thing telemarketing can do these days. You want the truth? It’s not. In fact, in B2B, professional telemarketers probably do a lot more of the other things instead of selling.


But guess what? These other things could be just the thing you need to boost your sales and is exactly why people would suggest to you telemarketing in the first place. What is it? Simple, it’s getting you leads.


You probably know what those are and you probably already know that a steady flow of leads increases your chances of meeting a CRM prospect. This in turn increases your chances to make sales.


Still, what is it then that telemarketing can give you in that regard? Do remember that when it comes to getting leads for B2B products, information is key. It’s what you will exploit and improve your chances of getting prospects interested as well as making the sale. No since you’re supplying something that’s supposed to help another company manage its customer base, then you might need to do some homework on said company (carefully at that). What better way than to have someone give them a polite call and ask the right questions?


Naturally, such a method requires experience and possibly a costly learning curve. On the other hand, you could always just outsource your telemarketing to the many companies out there who have invested in the method.

Get Info Before Assuming Sales For SCM Software

In SCM software (or any B2B industry for that matter) assuming the sale right from the start is a dangerous move. You could end up making a lot of mistakes from coming off as inconsiderate to information overload. The latter is actually more likely, given that software intended to monitor the complex network that is the supply chain can come with a variety of features.


These features can be both a self-made blessing and a curse. If you develop your product into the software wonder that you you say it is, then your clients are automatically inclined to buy it. However, trying to give them an entire run-through in one setting will consume too much time. Remember, whilst you may be be targeting customers instead of regular consumers, you still need to actually talk to a specific individual inside each prospect company. Namely, these are the important decision makers who are in charge of SCM and would find your software very convenient.


However, these aren’t the type to have a lot of time on their hands. To try and make a sale out of them on the spot would alert them that you’re going to be taking up that much time. Instead, why don’t you just give them what they need to know and how your product can be of value particularly to their company? Better yet, why not gather information beforehand so you can use it to your sales-making advantage?


Now one of the methods often suggested to dispense and gather information simultaneously is outsourced telemarketing. So instead of taking risks and trying to hawk your software to every prospect you find. Why not just have agents make a few calls just to be sure?

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