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Internet Age Methods Used By Outsourced Telemarketing

Despite popular belief, the real face of the telemarketing industry has learned quite well how to adapt the methods its critics thought would phase it out. The methods in question are the new marketing techniques that resulted from the birth of the internet. Email marketing, web-banner advertising, and SEO are usually the trending lead generation techniques of today. However, only the opposite has occurred as not only the flaws of these methods proved a stumbling blocks to newbie users, these same flaws enabled an unusually effective combination with telemarketing.


In the field of B2B accounting software, for example, telemarketing companies have often struggled when they obtain new information for accounting leads. The tricky thing about the industry is that it tends to go between the B2C and B2B sides of the market. Even the most reputable companies sometimes make the mistake of accidentally calling a house number because they couldn’t find any other way of verifying if the contact information belonged to a business or not.
Now with email, they can rely less on scouring phone directories and more on email ones. After that, the prompt messages are sent with an option to call and all the agents have to do is wait for responses.


Of course, this could lead to excessive spamming. Despite the problematic nature of spam though, it is not entirely illegal as violating DNC registers. Besides, a lack of responses will only mean that an entry is definitely asking to be struck off the list and annoyed recipients will never see another email again.


Still can’t believe this? Well the only way you can be sure is if you outsource a telemarketer for your software leads today!

Differences Among Telemarketing Services

The question of whether or not telemarketing still has a place is often one that is quickly answered but not thoroughly meditated upon. Normally consumers would automatically throw slurs at the method but those with more experience in the business world might feel less inclined to join in. If your business is in a B2B industry (like CRM software), it might be best for you to heed the latter.


Now it’s probably natural (and even right) for consumers to feel the way they do about telemarketers. It seems both intrusive and cheesy for a stranger to call you at home only to hear them trying to sell you something like infomercial-style cooking ware or holiday vacation packages. Worse, some calls could in fact be covers for scams designed to steal money and other sensitive financial information from people.


That’s usually what the image of telemarketing has devolved into in the eyes of the public.


However, plenty of professional telemarketers find their perception too one-sided and even laughable. More than half of them these days would even tell you that they’ve never tried selling a vacuum cleaner over the phone throughout their entire career.


This is because a lot of them use telemarketing for things far beyond selling bizarre home appliances.


It’s not just them either. As stated before, businesses who market B2B products like ERP systems are more likely to depend on telemarketers to get information on software leads. They don’t even ask them to sell anything! The process is far more complex and intricate but if you’re one such firm and aren’t aware of this then you’d better at least outsource to them and see for yourself.

Lead Generation Services – Bait With Outbound, Reel With Inbound

Contrary to their popular image of tanning themselves in yachts or beside pools, business executives are busy people. Know someone who thinks that they just sit at a desk all day? Tell them to think again. In fact, if you’re running a company that supplies things like project management or business intelligence software, you may have already had first-hand experience of what these people face.


Another interesting fact is that this also makes them very hard to reach and qualify for software leads. They’re so busy handling so many departments and keeping track of where their companies are headed that only those with a strong need for better software are likely to respond.


Some people actually suggest giving them a phone call. Granted, it does get their attention. However, is it the right kind of attention? The thing is, they hire gatekeepers for a reason. You’re going to have to get past him or her before you can actually talk to the executive in question. What’s really bad though is that these people are good at what they do.


Still, what’s interesting is that certain telemarketing companies have also devised a way to test the waters as it were by combining telemarketing with the newer techniques involving emails.


Think of the emails as bait. Executives who are strongly in need are likely to see the email and become curious. However, too much information can waste a lot of their precious time. You need grant them control of the pace, just like you have to know when and when not to reel so as the biting fish won’t get away. That’s where the actual telemarketing comes in.
However, why not seek out companies with this strategy and see a clearer picture of how it works?

On Lead Generation Services – Pick The Ones Who Balance Their Focus

It’s natural to assume that you’ll be doing a lot less work in the lead generation department by outsourcing to a competent company. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bit of effort involved in one aspect.


The key word here is ‘competent’.


Looking for the right company to outsource may be the only thing you’ll have to do but that alone is very important. Of course, there are many traits which define a reputable company. Another addition to those traits is the ability to balance focus between you and the prospects you’re targeting.


For example, you’re a business supplying accounting software. It then follows that you outsource a company that remembers to keep you in their minds but at the same time, is capable of asking your targets questions that only make your accounting software relevant to their needs.


A company that isn’t balanced in both will risk making several common mistakes. A company that tends to focus on the targets and less on you risks making promises you can’t keep. That’s the last thing you want out of the mouth of people representing you. On the other hand, if your outsourced company only talks about you and less about being concerned for your prospects, you won’t be getting a lot of accounting leads from that either.


The key here is (and always has been) balance.


When browsing for notable candidates to do your lead generation (and perhaps even software appointment setting), always make sure that they keep you in mind and at the same time, use what they know about you to make your company relevant to your intended decision makers.

Use Professional Telemarketers To Announce Lengthy ERP Upgrades

On the subject of telemarketing, the outbound variety is usually discussed more than the inbound. There’s a lot more that inbound telemarketing can do besides customer service. In fact, it’s that same form of customer service which can be turned into a lead generation campaign in of itself!


Take ERP software for example. Suppose you finally managed to develop a very powerful, upgraded version of your past product that fixes certain bugs which have been brought to your attention. However, like with every new product, your next step is to actively generate leads for it. And like all ERP leads, it could take a while if you’re starting from scratch. Most of all though, is that this version is likely to have a long implementation period. You’ll need to find a way to work your schedule so that you’ll have new leads even whilst you’re still in the midst of a current project.


You can save yourself that trouble if you look up your past clients and have telemarketers announce the upgrade to them. The ones who are interested then give a call, set an appointment, and you end up with all the work (and sales) that you need.


Still, perhaps you already had a tough time just getting new leads before. Why not this time, you just outsource to lead generation services? With the prospect of such a packed schedule, you would want to focus all of your company efforts on making success out of every date. Chances are, you’ll even provide better quality for inbound prospects with real, professional telemarketers than with a hastily assembled in-house team.

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