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SCM Software Leads – Experience Helps Telemarketers Familiarize

Experience is one of the most important traits you must look for when outsourcing a telemarketing company. It will help you determine a lot of things. For instance, you’ll know how versed they are in making business calls. It gives you an estimate on the size of their contact database because the years are likely to guarantee a very large stockpile.


Finally, it will also tell you what kind of record they have with regards to controversial things like telemarketing laws.


Outsourcing telemarketing services has been a common practice amongst B2B businesses like those providing software for supply chain management. Despite the popular opposition and prevalent stereotypes, telemarketers are still in use when it comes to contacting people who are otherwise unreachable.


These people in question are the busy decision makers and executives who are the only ones with the authority, capacity, as well as the knowledge to see how streamlining something like SCM will greatly benefit their corporation. Unfortunately, at least according to anti-telemarketers, such efforts will now allegedly cease because of DNC registers and anti-telemarketing laws.


What they don’t know is that if you’re a supplier of SCM software, you wouldn’t even want the numbers on that list. What good is calling a private home number for you? You sell to business professionals in targeted positions, not random people in the suburbs.


That’s why you should only seek out the really experienced telemarketers because along with data and mastery of business calling methods, they’re also familiar with the laws and registers that spell out what they can and cannot do (especially those telemarketing in Australia, just one of the many country’s known for being strict with telemarketers).


Be Precise When Looking For Accounting Software Leads In Strict DNC Countries

When it comes to anti-telemarketing laws, Australia is usually one of the top countries to mention. While consumer rights advocates have every reason to celebrate the new protection of their privacy, this spells trouble for those who need telemarketing for B2B lead generation.


Why is telemarketing still needed? Can’t these people just google it? Unfortunately, businesses who are open to discuss things like partnerships and outsourcing aren’t likely to be found on google. You’ve probably already seen it for yourself that the internet is filled with more ads directed towards consumers. Meanwhile, their websites are also dedicated to customer support. It’s highly doubtful that they’d have a contact page exclusively for B2B matters.


This is even worst when it’s your business doing the offering. For instance, you’re a supplier of B2B accounting applications. B2B software like that isn’t something you can advertise en-masse. Even if you were to opt for the alternative of target email, you’ll still need to refine your list so that you won’t end up blasting to the wrong set of people.


Telemarketing is used because it’s often the most direct and precise way of getting in touch with the right targets within an organization. It’s also the fastest way to qualify them if they’re the right kind of accounting leads. In case you don’t know, the variety of accounting applications tend to go between the B2C and B2B sides of the market. If your product is strictly only for B2B, then that makes it more important for you to be precise in your approach.


Telemarketing in Australia for those leads requires that precision both for reaching decision makers and avoiding those on its infamous DNC register. If it helps, try outsourcing first or at least consult with a company that has an Australian contact database.

Telemarketing In Australia – Use Data To Avoid DNC

Contrary to public opinion telemarketing still retains a strong, professional face that is unlike the cheesy caricatures of marketing scammers and pushy phone salesmen. However, perhaps it’s only fair to the public that they may not be too aware of where this professional side is usually seen.


One place to find telemarketing in this sort of heavy use would be in the production of B2B leads for companies like those ERP software.


Unlike regular software, ERP software is in fact not just one application but an entire, complex software package. You can’t market (much less advertise) it like you would a home computer OS or a video game. The client base needs to be targeted on an individual basis.


Hence, it’s why companies who provide this software are very strict in outsourcing only professionals. Telemarketing firms who hire these sort of professionals don’t just stop there. They equip themselves with only the best equipment and furthermore, the best information.


That information would include numbers of people on DNC registers. And given that ERP software can easily go global via the internet, there are plenty of countries out there with very strict telecommunications laws.


Australia is one such country and it imposes heavy fines on organizations who fail to comply. However, not all are eligible to placed on the lists. This turns information on DNC registers into advantage for telemarketers focusing only on B2B targets. It also in turn works to the advantage of companies who need B2B software leads (like those computerizing ERP).


Leads for B2B products aren’t as easily generated compared to consumer ones so it’s not surprising that most B2B business would at least consider telemarketing as an option.

Outsourcing For ERP Leads – Get Lessons On Timing For Time Zones

Targeting foreign decision makers for ERP leads can take your B2B software international. Hence, it’s a really bold move on your part. There are plenty of challenges to face like language and culture. However, perhaps the most noticeably inconvenient obstacle is the one posed by time zone.


Normally, this age of internet technology should have enabled faster communications between businesses. However, it has yet to eliminate the problem of two parties just being on opposing sides of the planet (and it’s doubtful that it ever will). This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try email when contacting your prospects. It just simply means you need to learn how to time it right and use the appropriate methods.


Now one issue you have to face is that when you send your email, there’s a good chance that you’ll be fast asleep before your target decision maker even enters their office building (such as if you’re targeting companies based in Singapore). That leaves plenty of time for all sorts of problems to occur. Your message could hit the spam filter. It could end drowned under other marketing emails. This is why timing is key.


Mastering the proper timing though takes time, time you may not necessarily afford. However, if you outsource, you can learn all about what it takes to not only time emails but also telemarketing calls for a faster qualification phase. Naturally, you’ll have to outsource companies who specialize in targeting the same countries you are (such as one of those lead generation firms currently telemarketing in Singapore). These are usually very transparent with their process (which is why it’s a very cost-efficient way to learn about proper timing).

Telemarketing In Singapore – Lion City Appointments

B2B products and services like ERP software need appointments because you’re talking about a technology that encompasses the large and complicated processes of enterprise management. This isn’t something you can advertise because advertising demands oversimplification. To insist on advertising this type of software product, in any shape or form, only risks overloading your client with too much information. Thus, your lead generation campaigns need the additional service of software appointment setting.


Not all decision makers are IT or software engineering experts. Sometimes you just need to tell them what it is your software can do for them. However, you can’t do that (even if you’re already in a meeting room with them) unless you know what their needs are.


This is important in an age where software technology makes itself more available via an ever expanding internet. It gives the advantage of marketing to the whole world.


Take Singapore for instance, a common business destination for many software companies. You can’t warrant your company a business trip there though unless you give some decision makers in that area a good reason to talk about what you can give them.


This is where telemarketing comes in. Along with precision, there are plenty of telemarketing services out there who also offer appointment setting because they know how meetings are inevitable when discussing something as heavy as a software implementation plan.


Do take note that this shouldn’t be confused with advertising. As stated before, advertising oversimplifies things in the hopes of inciting a sale. Telemarketing for appointments on the other hand does not hope for a sale and the simplification is purely for information gathering purposes. If you want info for Singapore appointments, then start outsourcing to a company which lists that country among its targets.

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