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Use Telemarketing To Gain International Software Appointments

In leading Asian nations such as Singapore, corporations are on the rise and the need for streamlining corporate management is dire. As such, competition for ERP software is at an all-time high.


For those engaging in this particular software market on the international scale, finding leads among the locals can be a problem (even for those who run their own lead generation campaign). Language need not even be the actual obstacle. The challenge lies in gaining information on the business scene from someone right inside the country itself.


International telemarketers are one sure-fire way to establish that kind of connection. Just as you may have already placed your company all over the world map, these telemarketers have done the same to get their clients the widest access to places they may not have yet covered. If your business has decided to consider Singapore as a new, potential market, then try outsourcing to a telemarketing firm that has a software call center in that area. Those places have a large database with a list of local companies that might just benefit from your ERP computer tools. In addition to that, they may know these people better than you do. This makes it easier for their agents to represent your company to them and may even give you additional information to close deals.


If you’re looking for a Singapore lead, it’s only logical that you’d want the help of an insider. International telemarketers recruit and train professional agents just do that kind of job. Contact one now and you can take your global expansion even further.

When Outsourcing Lead Generation Services, Inspect Their Data!

Countries like US, Australia, and Canada shouldn’t be blamed for hitting harder and harder on telemarketers these days. So many scammers have come to use it as a ruse for their illicit activities. While you’ll get plenty of professionals telling you that there is a whole world of difference between an authentic telemarketing service and a poser, it might take a bit of skepticism to actually disprove the skeptics.


These claims aren’t always enough, not even if you were a BI software supplier in desperate need of B2B leads. Telemarketing may be the only way you’ll hear a high-ranking executive on the other end but it always helps to be completely sure that you’re outsourcing a reputable service.


One thing you need to evaluate is their contact database. When telemarketing in Australia, telemarketing businesses of any kind are expected to cross out any number that’s on the country’s DNC register. These include private home numbers, mobile phone numbers, and emergency numbers used to contact local hospitals. When outsourcing, make sure that the company representing you can give you the utmost assurance that their contact database is free of such numbers. It highlights their compliance with the laws of the land and at the same time, you can even benefit from having only business numbers to call.


The value of any lead generation firm lies the quality of the data it gives you. A proper inspection of where and how it obtains such information is only due. Take great care in evaluating the database of your outsourced service.

Go Online To Get The Right Number For B2B Lead Generation

It’s quite surprising that even in this day and age, telemarketing still sees plenty of use because of the demands of B2B industries like those supplying medical softwares. Unlike the consumer-targeting tactics of advertising, getting B2B leads requires precise information and the gradual nurturing of a business connection.


Still, that doesn’t mean the rise of telemarketing regularization doesn’t pose as an obstacle. And in countries like Australia, telemarketing for medical software comes with a lot of risks. Hospitals can send really heavy charges your way if you end up dialing their emergency numbers and tried to market software through there. Then again, there’s also a good reason to restrict unwarranted calls when emergencies (as well as people’s privacy) take higher priority.


This is why even firms telemarketing in Australia have found ways to use the internet to their advantage. Medical software is still a much valued technology and there plenty of places on the net to discuss it as well as find prospective buyers. Make no mistake, it’s still important to conduct the qualification process via phone. Things like budget, size of establishment, as well budget need to be discussed through a flexible channel and some times email just doesn’t cut it.


That doesn’t mean they can’t look up the right number on the web or use email to set up time for interested prospects to expect a call. Setting things up on the internet beforehand easily makes calls allowed as they eliminate the premise of telemarketers giving unexpected calls.


As the world continues to move forward into the information age, even old methods need not be rendered obsolete by integrating new internet sources for information. Try integrating it yourself some time (or outsource those who do) for your telemarketing troubles.

Establishing a Foreign Software Contact

There are many reasons for wanting to look beyond your own country’s shores for a business contact. Some businesses do it because they feel that the have progressed enough to the point that it’s time to go global. Other times, small companies that manage their business entirely online (such as some ERP software companies) would find themselves with clients on the other side of the world.


In either case, sailing into the greater waters of international marketing is inevitable. No matter how large your country maybe, it still carries the potent possibility that marketing outside it can be a wholly different experience.


So how does a software business of any size organize its efforts in generating leads from a foreign location? For one, you’ll need to establish an insider’s look at the business arena. That person must know or at least get to know the appropriate section of the local business sector where the company might get a good start. You’ll then need to store this information and have analysts break it down to the most likely prospects.
There are several ways to get this information. Big businesses looking to market in Japan might actually train or hire folks fluent in both the language and culture to represent them there. Smaller companies that have decided on Singapore might outsource to a software telemarketer with a Singapore contact center.


Regardless of your means, with our world undergoing a rapid globalization, it is not surprising that any business will start looking beyond the horizon for B2B leads. If you’re one of them, start learning about your target nation or contact an international telemarketer now.

Don’t Reject All Offline Means For Marketing Accounting Software!

Software that streamlines accounting is a tricky thing to define when you’re in the business of supplying it. Not only do you have to define whether its B2B or B2C, you also have to make sure your methods are appropriate. In the event that your company has gone global, you might also have to consider the proper timing with regards to any target countries.


Then again, this is the internet age. Surely such things have come to matter less? In fact, you might even say that the internet could be your only means of contacting a prospect in places like Australia. Telemarketing in Australia, be it from in our outside the country, has become strictly regulated. The internet however has not.


Still, is this enough reason to outright reject all offline methods from now on?




Have you ever considered the possibility that not all your prospects have an online presence you can access to? Simply put, do all of them have a Facebook page, a website, or even just an email address that they rarely open? Why stop only at those who do? Rejecting those who don’t still means you’re discarding so many sales opportunities.


If you really want to maximize the amount of leads you can get, then you need to stop rejecting the only methods that could reach them. Telemarketing may be restricted these days but as far as B2B software is concerned, outsourced telemarketing is still an option for you. Businesses aren’t even granted the same anti-telemarketing protection as most regular citizens.

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