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Types Of Information For Software Sales Leads – Type #1: Contact Details

B2B leads

ERP software is a product that not only handles vast amounts of information, it also requires vast amounts of information in order to market and generate leads for. Companies who supply these systems need various types throughout all stages of the lead generation and appointment setting process.


Now there are various methods that even a small company can start with and some go as far as to integrate several more together in the long run. Some companies prefer to make outbound calls or emails. Others prefer to attract those same inquiries inbound via a website. However, none of these approaches can even start without something basic.


That something is contact information. No matter how you get it, it’s obvious that communication cannot start if you don’t even know who to call. When you’re targeting businesses, do remember that you’re targeting organizations. There’s more than one person involved but you need to contact the ones who are relevant and can speak for the company regarding your product.


Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of needing other parties to have their say. Still, that’s why you’re targeting the one who is most relevant because they will be your connection to those people so chances are, what they say will be relayed (and vice-versa). This all means nothing though if you don’t know who that person is and how to contact them. It doesn’t matter if you outsourced a company to get it and contact them for you, bought a list from an online database, or even just manually scoured a directory for a few hours. You can’t start without basic contact information.

Generate Sales Leads By Getting Information Beyond That Of The Decision Maker

HR Leads

Generating leads requires information that is beyond that of simply contact details or the names of decision makers. It’s a steady exchange process that takes as much as it dispenses (perhaps more). The more information you gather on a prospect, the more likely you can find ways to convince them about HR software solution.


The thing with HR though is that you might need more than what the manager says. The managers themselves may even say that they can only speak for the company’s workers if the workers themselves have given their input.


Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean you have to go all the way and ask the employees directly. It only means you need to consider them as much as the person in charge whom you’re contacting. Be careful though, your questions must be tact and subtle. If not you, then at least you should outsource people who are experienced with such scenarios and know how to get answers.


These same answers can then prove quite useful and can help you how to make implementation a smooth process. It can even equip you with some knowledge if you’re using software appointment setting to discuss things more fully in a business meeting. As far as HR management is concerned, the perspective of employees will always play an important factor so you might as well show concern for them as much as the person handling them. Try to go beyond the decision maker because your product isn’t just mean to serve them but also the people who keep their business running.

Costs Of B2B Lead Generation – Correlate More, Contrast Less

Outsourced Lead Generation

In Australia, costs are becoming increasingly less of a reason to outsource and opportunities like global expansion are taking its place. What does this mean? Well one thing it doesn’t mean is that cost is no longer a factor. It still is but just not a primary one.


And despite its loss in significance as a primary one, it’s still something you need to consider in your decision making. Especially, if you’re an ERP software supplier and need to be careful about taking away too many funds from your main specialization of software development and manufacturing.


Now when outsourcing another company for ERP leads, you need to be careful about contrasting cost instead of trying to see how it relates to other aspects of the company. Instead of just looking at the results and contrasting it with how much you paid, try to see how it ended up that way.


This kind of consideration should eventually guide you to narrowing your search for the right group. For instance, if you want lead generation in Australia but want to market globally, you need to consider how the costs of your candidates correlates with the quality of their services as well as their practices. Is it worth it? Are you outsourcing a reputable group? What exactly are the reasons for why this or that group does things more cheaply than the other one? Is it due to legitimate or unethical business practices?

These are just some of the questions you will ask if you start considering how cost will relate to other things about a group.

Something To Watch Out For When Marketing CRM software

Now whether you’re outsourcing lead generation services or hiring professional telemarketers to seek out potential clients for you, there’s something you need to be careful about when your representatives finally get in touch with a decision maker.
That thing is when they start asking questions, relevant questions, and they end up giving too much that they are confused. This must not happen. Decision makers are arguably even more objective than regular consumers when it comes to considering a deal. CRM deals in handling a very sensitive but vital connection between the company and the customers that they serve. With that said, it’s likely that they’ll have very specific questions and whoever is standing in for your company on your end should learn to pay very close attention. The questions they ask may seem common but put together, they pain a different picture of a different potential client each time. They also have plenty of ties with the ongoing tends in the B2B software world. Here are just some of them:


  • What’s your deliver model? Are you cloud based or on-premise?
  • Does it carry support for their particular industry?
  • Does your pricing put your software in range of their budget?


These questions alone give a nod to some of the buzz that has been going on among B2B software companies. The question of cloud computing and SaaS relates to the on-going discussions of where the industry is going. The question of support deals in the debate of whether or not CRM software should adjust to the company or the other way around. And of course, the subject of price relates to the economic climate and how willing everyone as whole is willing to buy something.

Software Appointments – Keeping The Flow Under Control

When you’re a global software company, your software is available everywhere (whether you use the SaaS model or you simply used more classical means of expansion). As such, your marketing efforts are likely to go everywhere as well.


These days such efforts are conducted online. Even if you were a B2B company (e.g. you supply SCM software), you still make use email, webpage, and social media marketing. Honestly, it is quite surprising to find a lot places on the web were your industry has taken a foothold.


Speaking of that though, B2B businesses in particular use a lead generation model. In other words, despite the wide coverage, engaging a potential client takes a considerably longer amount of time in order to qualify. In fact, that wide coverage could even mean that you’ll end up having too many inquiries to handle.


However, that hardly means you should stop. It only means you need to accommodate more. With that said, you can start by looking for a faster means of communication between yourself and the inquirer. Email, despite its capacity to reach hundreds and thousands of decision makers all over the world, becomes difficult once a positive response is made and the time comes for a conversation. At this point, it’d be a better idea to shift a live phone conversation. Don’t think this means you’ll be bombarding them with all the details through speech though. It actually means you just have to cover enough of the basics to make them set an appointment. If you’re worried about costs, then just outsource telemarketing services if the calculations start getting too heavy for you.

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