Monthly Archives: December 2012

Luck In Lead Generation – Avoid Counting On It

It is a common misconception to assume lead generation is just about getting lucky. On the contrary, luck is that last thing you would want to count on to attract potential customers. You should know better than to overlook the many factors that affect the lead generation process.

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Get Software Leads By Giving Prospects A Break

If you do not have high hopes for software leads this December, maybe that is a good thing. In fact, if you are an HR vendor, there might be an opportunity to see why B2B activity is not so high this time of year and use it to actually generate more software leads in the future.

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Lead Generation Tips – Create An Image Of Integrity

To succeed in lead generation, everybody needs standard marketing elements like brand image. However, no matter how badly you want to succeed in your lead generation campaign, your image must be one of integrity. Without it, you not only compromise your success but the image of the entire business world.

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