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Lead Generation Tips – Is There Such Thing As Closing Time?

By ‘closing time’, this is nowhere related to the software lead generation term for closing a sale. In fact, its far more simple: the time to simply close the office and call it a day. Now you might think that such a thing is more for retailers or restaurants. Ideally, there should not be a closing time for either your business or its lead generation campaign, correct?

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IT Sales Tips – Balance The Confidence In Your Gear

On one hand, IT sales professionals are told that they should exude utmost confidence in order to close a deal. But on the other, many have cautioned the IT industry as a whole to keep the confidence in check and avoid excess glorification of advanced technology.

As classic (if not cliché) as this sounds, your IT sales cannot guarantee that your advanced BI solution is the answer to every single problem they have. Realism will always be in order when it comes to a computer understanding something as humanly complex as, say, social trends.

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Software Lead Generation Tips – Suggest Something Doable

In the process of lead generation, there is a need to evaluate. This is not limited to evaluating the interest and budget of a prospect. You can also evaluate the prospect’s current situation to see if their interests align with what they are really missing. That in turn though actually means your lead generation strategy involves a bit of critiquing on your part.

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Software Leads – Blogs On Preserving Them

Your software leads are just the start of your sales process but that does not mean you should not do everything you can to preserve them as much as you generate them. If you do anything to waste your business leads, you are reducing your lead generation campaign to a futile effort. Continue reading

Software Lead Generation – Start Small, Then Level Up!

Never despair when you think software lead generation for any vendor who has just gotten started. Sure, you may lack experience but if you know how to pick the right software leads from the start, they will give you the opportunities to exponentially increase your scope. To illustrate, think of software leads as experience points that allow you to level up your character in a role-playing game.

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