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Netting Software Leads Via Webinar Is Just The Start

If you think a webinar can be like a big net to catch your software leads, you are forgetting that it takes more than a net to catch a school of fish. The internet is really one big ocean but what makes it riskier to fish in is that you will have a harder time knowing what is under the surface. You are more likely to scatter your software leads if you disturb these online waters recklessly. Casting your net is more of an art than a mere task.

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HR Software Leads That Result From Mixed-Up Recruiting

Recruiting problems are a clear sign of sales leads for HR software vendors. However, sometimes the problem is not that your business client keeps finding the wrong people. Sometimes the wrong people find them. Therefore, another sign you could look out for in your sales leads is a tendency to badly mix up their recruiting.

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When Lead Generation Feels Like Buying Collectibles

When you invest so much in your lead generation strategy, your leads can surprisingly feel like collectibles. It might not be a good idea to view them like toys or trading cards but when it comes to collecting things, your lead generation process has a lot in common with collectors in terms of understanding value as well as the need to constantly spend money for it.

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Software Leads – Private Eyes Who Need Your Magnifying Glass

If your medical software was like a magnifying glass, your software leads are the iconic private eyes who use them. How are medical professionals like crime-fiction detectives? Easy, they are also mystery solvers. So when looking for another trait to identify software leads, maybe you should also be on the look out for any mysteries to solve.

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IT Sales Tips – Playing The ‘Higher Cause’ Card

Sometimes your IT sales representative get so passionate or so eager for a sale, they are willing to appeal to prospects by claiming they have higher causes. Of course, that would be a good thing but that also depends on whether or not you have such a cause or are you just like any other B2B software firm, looking to cash in on more of those IT sales?

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