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Are you Marketing a Tool or a User?

Have you ever given thought about what it is you are presenting? For software vendors, you might automatically say you’re marketing a tool. You want them interested in this tool to the point that your salespeople have a high chance coming out with a closed deal.

Take a moment to reflect though. Are you truly marketing a tool or are you marketing a user? If you want a better idea of what I mean, read the quote below:

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Looking at the Long-Run for a ‘Lost’ Prospect

Just because a prospect is not interested in you now doesn’t keep your offer from looking real good for them some time in the future. Look at the case of MeSQL and Amazon Web Services:

“This past April, MemSQL spent more than $27,000 on Amazon virtual servers. That’s $324,000 a year. But for just $120,000, the company could buy all the physical servers it needed for the job — and those servers would last for a good three years.”

The cloud has its advantages but it seems MeSQL doesn't see them last the long-term.

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Lessons on Rebranding from Dell

You may not be a stock market junkie but business tech vendors might want to pay a little more attention to the recent shareholder drama that’s been happening at Dell. Long story short, two parties are making crazy bids for the company with one of them planning to make it private.

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