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Telemarketing Tips – How to Amp Up with Mobile

Today’s business professionals are increasingly relying on tablets or smartphones for organizing work. Large and stationary desktops are no longer convenient for people update their status or check their mails on the go. However, the rise of online mobile isn’t just a trend for mobile enterprise vendors. It also demands innovation for promoting products and engaging prospects in your B2B marketing campaign.

Mobile marketing comes in many forms. You have SMS, app-based, and mobile web design. Since the desk may no longer be the go-to place to talk with your prospect, this channel is your only chance of getting their attention and scoring a call.

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Software Marketing Tips: Smashing the ‘Techie’ Barrier

As technology progresses today, so does the way we do business. It’s already common knowledge that no matter how small or large your business is, investing in technology and using it well helps them move forward. For example, small businesses are now using social media and require software to determine the rate of traffic their business should accomplish.

This leads to one problem though, not everyone’s a techie. People sometimes have this complex to avoid anything new that’s hard to understand.

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B2B Marketing Guides for Enterprise Software – Software Security

Important and sensitive information, from a simple name and scheduled activities to classified data like contact affiliates and bank accounts, are mostly stored digitally since the discovery of how cost effective and secure databases were. This method however is vulnerable to the very technology that created it. Hence, most people employ strong security software to minimize threats to their own private information.

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Sneaking Around for Extra Sales Leads

“When major brands face a situation where low-cost competitors are stealing share, many smart companies don’t try to fight low-cost competition head on; instead they develop a second brand—a ‘fighter brand.’ This allows the original brand to retain its customer base and its premium price.”

This was the premise of Tim Williams as he describes a common but rarely mentioned strategy that employs ‘stealth brands.’ Reading it again though, I think it can also be a warning sign that price isn’t always the advantage of smaller vendors.

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Quick Marketing Lessons picked up from World of Warcraft

Trading is not a rare thing in online worlds such as World of Warcraft. Players who wish to level up their characters have long huddled with merchants and NPCs to get whatever they needed. Items range from those needed to survive a major boss to those that’ll score more kills in PvP.

But like any market, there are some rules to be followed in order to avoid any misunderstandings and even theft from other traders. And while these rules are meant only to ensure more enjoyment in the game (and more money from its paying players), such goals are not too far off from the goals of real-world marketing.

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