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Marketing a Portal to Darkness

Much of the internet community is buzzing about Silk Road, the illegal drugs website that was just shut down by the FBI. For the most part, plenty of the discussions were typically heated debates regarding America’s War on Drugs, legalization, criminal activity on the net etc.

Following that though were discussions about what enabled Silk Road to exist in the first place. This would be the first time I’ve ever heard of the Deep Web and what it means to market access to it.

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6 Awesome Quotes from Tech Titans to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Success in this industry isn’t solely about being the first to innovate. It’s about being able to pull off effective marketing as well. That’s pretty much how the biggest names in tech managed to get to become industry leaders. They not only knew they had a great product, they knew how to communicate its value. So, if you think your marketing efforts still need a bit of shoring up, take the following pieces of advice straight from the mouths of tech titans themselves:

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Tech-Marketing Tips From Sci-Fi Thriller

Sci-fi is often the genre paired with the technologically savvy. And when you’re a vendor of high-end business hardware, putting your business in the genre’s futuristic settings seems like a no-brainer.

However, no matter how advanced the setting, some stories managed to retain the elements of fear and suspense that only good, old-fashioned horror can provide. What makes the sci-fi brand unique though is that it teaches you timely lessons when it comes to marketing your tech.

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