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Why Black Friday Could Be Bad Timing for B2B Marketers

Bad timing is bad no matter what time of year it is. Though when it comes to the Black Friday weekend, even the days leading up to it can be a hazard for B2B marketers.

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Tech Marketing and Tech Etiquette

With the rapid growth of technology, we increasingly depend on our modern devices to ease up and speed up business tasks. Streamlining these tasks also allowed for better multi-tasking. But even with these benefits, abuse of technology can cast a bad light in the eyes of your B2B customers.

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B2B Lead Generation – When Privacy becomes a Price

In the tech sector, privacy has long been a major issue (especially after the recent NSA scandal). It’s been an issue ever since the dawn of the Information Age. Just how much should you put out without risking your personal space? On the other hand, B2B marketers end up asking this question in reverse. How little can you put out without risking less exposure?

Either case is something you need to take seriously because otherwise you might have a hard time getting customers and getting a sale.

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You still need brains to play the B2B outsourcing game

When people say outsourcing, it usually just stops at finding a company who can do the non-essential/non-core tasks and just making sure their people are proven experts. It’s like a game that sounds so simple but that’s what leads to one weak assumption: it’s a complete no-brainer.

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Freebies – The Art of Getting from Giving

Even in the age of online marketing, there’s still a lot of debate about whether freebies are ultimately good for business. On one hand, few things draw customers like an item or a service that won’t eat a whole in their pocket. On the other, freebies are often inundating to the point of being completely worthless (both for customers and businesses).

Perhaps worse is the fact that they’re often associated with consumer marketing. What kind of freebies can come out of enterprise vendors? Even if it is ‘better to give than receive’, that old proverb may not be enough to justify a bad sales report.

Well, the best way to find out is to start from the marketing end. The art of using freebies is basically the art of getting something out of giving.

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