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B2B Marketing Tips for your Holiday Strategy

Christmas may be over but the whole season sure isn’t.  There’s still some time for you to make sure your campaign stays in touch with the holiday mood. Here are few reminders to get you started:

Should Marketing Content Meet Tolkien’s Standards?

As you all know, the Desolation of Smaug is now in theatres. And being a bit of a fantasy fanboy myself, I’ll be watching it in a couple days. (So, no spoilers. Please.)

But while we’re on that subject, there are a few things I can tell you about Tolkien’s standards for storytelling that you might want to consider for your own marketing content.

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Generating Belief through B2B Marketing

Believing in something isn’t just an idea reserved for Santa Claus movies, business success stories, or religion. It’s something that many in business overlook, especially in marketing.

But speaking of which, maybe the subject of Santa Claus can teach about what it means to have your own customers believe in you and what happens if you fail to deliver.

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