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Booth Babes in Modern B2B Marketing

When you’re talking the tech industry, you usually think of trending science, gadgets, innovations but rarely do you consider the fact that it’s male dominated. And because of that, it’s still no surprise that technology is just like any other guy thing that it needs girls to advertise it.

Booth babes have been a long-standing marketing trick in the tech advertiser’s handbook. But naturally, it didn’t take long for it to be criticized as obstructive and demeaning (just like anything that uses feminine appeal to attract a male-oriented product). Of course, a good deal of the criticism is legit (such as their distraction from the technology as well as their questionable ROI).

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Using Lead Generation to Shine the Light on Superstar Clients

Nothing gets Hollywood attention like its awards season. From the Golden Globes to the Academy Awards, celebrity buzz reaches its peak during this time of year. That’s obviously a good thing because it goes on top of having to recognize those who have been contributing to the survival of the industry. On a smaller scale, it’s just as urgent for you to shine the spotlight on prospects and customers who have ensured the survival of your software business.

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Big Stunts and B2B Marketing – Part 3

In Part 2, you were shown just some of the most creative ways marketers had directly engaged their target audience. Meanwhile Part 1 presented a few ways to be indirect but at the same time have that strong impact.

Now you’re going to see something that almost literally drops the bomb on everybody, from competitors to the general public.

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Big Stunts and B2B Marketing – Part 2

In the previous installment, you’ve seen how ad indirectly communicate and engage an audience by means of either novel or aggressive impressions. Now you’ll be taking a look at more direct marketing examples and how their respective companies handled the crowd.

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