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Lead Generation Tips – Cracking through Culture-based Budgets

In many cases, culture has been a boon and a bane for tech vendors.

And while a lot of today’s technology has managed to get along fine with the many cultures of the world, there are times when it still proves difficult. In the case of enterprise software, a prospect company’s culture is already enough to explain a narrow budget for technology.

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ERP Leads Should Contain Lessons On Culture

The purpose of technology is to make life easier by streamlining mundane tasks and making them more practical. Everyone depends on it.

But every time the newest and shiniest piece of tech comes out, it’s followed by news of tech stress, tech etiquette, tech-related compliance standards… It makes you wonder if people can discipline themselves as fast as technology (and it doesn’t help that we’re still pretty slow on foreseeing the possibilities it continues to realize).

As vendors, your marketers play a vital role in understanding this behavior (both in terms of entire industries as well as individual companies). It all starts with how you understand different business cultures and how it impacts use in tech.

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Lead Generation Companies and Global Standards of Living

What do these two have in common? Well if you’ve ever outsourced your lead generation process offshore, it wouldn’t be surprising if global standards of living had to do with an outsourced company’s wages and labor practices.

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B2B Sales Tips – Countering Cupid’s Charm

Everyone knows February 14 as the day Cupid goes nuts with bow in hand and sends hearts flying everywhere. People go on dates, buy chocolates, and bring out their little Shakespeare.

That’s good for romance but not always good when it turns into distraction, especially for your salespeople. It gets to a point that it’s more like those annoying charm attacks you sometimes see in RPGs.

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All is Fair in Love and Lead Generation

Valentine’s Day is over but the season of hearts is still strongly felt. It wouldn’t be surprising if you knew a few people with some romance issues to resolve.

Although, perhaps the one issue that could catch B2B marketer’s eye is the idea of competition. Contrary to popular wisdom, is there really so much a difference between competing for a person’s affections and competing for that of another business?

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