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Sending Your Lead Generators to Companies Who Have Everything

The most difficult prospects are those who find no need for your technology. It’s like these guys have can just build everything in-house so why buy? It seems counter to all marketing logic to pursue someone who just doesn’t have the need. (In fact, how’d they even end up on your targeting radar?)

Luckily, that’s not always the case because you could just be looking at the surface. Just because a business appears to have outstanding revenue or a pool of in-house resources doesn’t mean vendors are out of the equation.

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Lead Generation Tips – Being Part of Prospect Legacy

Not a lot of businesses live for a long time. But the very few who do, tend to be big name brands that use their legacy as a significant part of their marketing campaigns.

But let’s turn this the other way around. If you’re business software vendor, ever had any hopes of selling to an organization with such a long history? Sometimes they may not even be all that well-known but the number of years they’ve been in business remains no lie.

The thought alone feels like a daunting task but few ever take the next step of understanding why. Here are some more objective reasons and hopefully, you’ll find it in yourself to actually take a shot at it.

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ERP Lead Generation Tips – Know When You’re Being Tested

Some prospects are more trouble than their worth. This has become a rule of thumb for many lead generation campaigns. However, can exceptions exist? Are there people, organizations, out there who just prove elusive as a form of testing those who want to do business with them?

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Why Outsourced Lead Generation Takes You Around the World (and Not The Other Way)

People never consider the impact of cultural barriers when outsourcing their lead generation process offshore. Some might even argue that it’s the job of the outsourced company and not the client.

On the other hand, it’s never good to take things for granted and assume that your offshore company revolves the world around you and not the other way around.

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Don’t Lose HR Software Leads to HR Reputation

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the jurisdiction of the HR department begins and ends. In some companies it includes recruitment. In others, the payroll is managed by accounting.

It’s not surprising that HR software reflects these blurred boundaries and vendors have difficult targeting prospects at times. But in a small bit of desperation, sometimes you end up associating with the kind of HR department that’s often the subject of criticism and ridicule.

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