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With Great Software Leads Come Great Responsibility

Since The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out, I think now is good a time as any to quote: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

And if your software leads grant great power to your ERP firm, you should know the great responsibility they carry with it.

But since we’re on the topic of superheroes (with Marvel already releasing two films in this month alone), how we take the powers associated with software lead generation and tie them to the responsibility they entrust you as a result.

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ERP Lead Generation Tips – Playing the Accidental Superhero

I’m sure plenty of us have heard of accidental discoveries or inventions. These stories of encouragement teach the common lesson that the success you dreamed of can come in unexpected ways.

But put in another way, they’re actually the real-life counterparts to accidental superheroes. Your average comic book geek can name at least three off the top of their head. You’ve got Daredevil, The Flash, and Spider-Man (who, as well know, just had another movie released).

If this was your story, how would you market it? How would you engage with prospects in the lead generation process?

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How To Treat Big Brand ERP Leads

Suppose your lead generation process is like a simple craftsman’s shop. Potential customers see its windows and you, the owner, represent the lead generation process as you address anyone who finally manages enter the door. So far, business has been good. You’ve had a good number of ERP leads for the day.

Suddenly, another one comes in. This one is different? You want to know how? Everyone’s starting at them with a loss for words. Is it a lord? Is it a king?

No, it’s a big brand! Think Apple, Facebook, or even Google itself! They’re in your shop, in your lead generation process, and they could be a potential customer. It’s so sudden, so shocking. It’s almost impossible!

But then again, it isn’t. Unfortunately, the lack of belief is exactly why some ERP companies feel unprepared to pitch themselves when an industry giant miraculously winds up at their own doorstep.

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Lead Generation Tips – Telling Houston They Have A Problem

“Houston, we have a problem.”

I’ve heard this many times and it still gets a little snicker. It’s not even a standard response for astronauts. It’s just a famous movie phrase that didn’t so much deviate from what happened during the original Apollo 13 mission.

Speaking of which though, why is it that this line is so memorable but not the many times you’ve pointed out software problems during your lead generation campaign?

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Creativity in Tech-Based Lead Generation

Marketing business tech tends to get heavy both on the sides of engineering and corporate big talk. This doesn’t make it a good match for those who believe creative, quality content is the key to successful lead generation.

But again, this raises the popular dilemma: Why can’t tech ever substitute for human creativity? Are the two just so incompatible that you either have to wing it with one or the other?

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