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Content Cloning and ERP Lead Generation

Now this one here was harvested in Sydney. And this was harvested in Manila, six years ago. They have the same exact DNA, they’re clones. Dr. Newton Geiszler, Pacific Rim

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of del Toro’s tribute to both monsters and mecha but I can’t help notice you can also say the same line regarding the use of cloned content in ERP lead generation.

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Should Software Leads Measure Loyalty?

Competition is a natural part of business and software leads are supposedly important for getting a leg-up against rivals.

But when your prospects seem to find preference for both your products and theirs, are they disqualified for being ‘disloyal’?

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Is There An Ultimate Undo Button for ERP Lead Generation?

The new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past gives a unique take on what is otherwise a classic case of using the ultimate undo button. But while many regard time traveling to be nigh impossible, it’s nice to think that it would let you reverse your biggest mistakes.

And in the field of B2B marketing and lead generation, mistakes like that can be both plenty and painful. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to put up with all the failed product launches, bad press, and endless customer complaints?

Perhaps the real good news is that you don’t need a time machine of any sort to achieve that.

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Lead Generation Tips – User Experience =/= IT Encyclopedia

User experience is an increasingly valuable buzzword for today’s tech companies. But one thing people tend to overlook (especially in industries of ERP technology) is that user experience does not always imply the users themselves are all MIT grads. It’s more likely the complete opposite. A focus on user experience is a focus on what makes technology simple to use, not how many buttons you can push.

Unfortunately, some lead generation campaigns still run based on this mistaken assumption. Just because certain technologies are in the realm of big business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make any effort to simplify it all.

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Is Software Lead Generation akin to Smuggling?

The idea of installing something without even a nod of approval from your local IT department is taking root in a lot of companies. And while you can pray that such departments should start adapting, there are still some cases when software lead generation feels akin to smuggling. The person taking interest in your software or downloading a trial isn’t anyone affiliated with the IT department but they’d rather trust you because said department just wouldn’t allow it! What’s a marketer to do? What should sales say? Is it really all right to leave the IT people out of the equation and sneak the product in?

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