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EMR Lead Generation Tips – Are Your Salespeople Listening to Your Story?

Oftentimes, EMR systems are often the subject of either miracle stories or absolute mayhem for the practices that use them. Naturally, your marketing campaign should be geared at telling the former.

On the other hand, is your team telling these stories in a bubble? They can have the most successful EMR lead generation campaign in your company’s history. That doesn’t mean real success when that campaign’s activities are in a vacuum.

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Does Google Have a Grip on Your ERP Lead Generation Campaign?

The date for Google’s much awaited I/O conference draws near. And with that, the internet is buzzing with talk from future developments of Android to its next move against Apple. But for B2B marketers, the biggest issue has and always will be the company’s constant development of its search engine.

Throughout the years, Google’s has done everything to combat spammy SEO tactics from the very first Panda update to the content-driven overhaul known as Hummingbird. Today though, some are saying that this quest is starting to grow at the expense of smaller businesses. So, does Google have a strangling grip on your own ERP lead generation campaign?

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ERP Lead Qualification: An Offshored Summer Job?

I have a love-hate relationship with offshoring’s political/social associations. On the one hand, I’m guilty of laughing every time Russell Peters makes a crack about Indians. On the other hand, I get a little irked when someone says offshoring takes away jobs just so companies could give summer ones to Third World hicks.

Not only is that kind of talk borderline racist, it’s not a very accurate picture of BPO countries in the developing world. Qualifying an ERP lead isn’t exactly summer job fare. Furthermore, a difference in seasons is hardly good enough reason to believe it’s good to outsource during some parts of the year and not in another. (This sounds contrary to reports saying that companies are planning to further expand their outsourcing.)

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Use Better Suggestions to Generate Software Leads?

Remember the lemonade stand? Oftentimes it’s one of the most common suggestions you’d give to kids getting bored with summer.

In fact, it’s so common, so cartoony, you’d think somebody would give a better suggestion these days. But then again, you’ve probably never heard of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Everyone likes to break the norm when making business suggestions. After all, it’s hard getting software leads when your pitches aren’t that much different from any other enterprise vendor.

But just like the lemonade stand, maybe a common suggestion can be a little more helpful than something unconventional.

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Software Lead Generation Tips – Give Free Time or More Productivity?

Free time and productivity. These are often the two things business software firms promise their customers. But oddly enough, you don’t often see them pitching one alongside the other. At best, you can learn about how free time can be opportunities to be more productive. At worst, you can get into a small debate about whether free time is more or less valuable than current productivity.

This is a big deal because summer is usually the time of year when you’re stuck in the office but your mind’s shifting to vacation mode. To make matters worse, maybe several of both prospects and key sales reps have already gone ahead and booked a few days leave. So what do you pitch in your new software lead generation strategy? More free time or more productivity?

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