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Less Luxury, More Software Leads

Healthcare is an industry with luxuries both on the consumer side and on the side of the care providers. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t use luxury as a euphemism here. We all know that it’s globally acclaimed not so much for curing people, but for the billions spent on the cure.

If you’re having trouble generating software leads in this industry, perhaps it’s because you are a luxury that cannot be easily afforded. No amount of BANT metrics or high-profile targeting will help. In the end, only a few people will be willing to spend that much for what you’re offering.

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Does Fishing for Software Leads Require a Super Rod?

If you’ve never played any of the Pokemon games, a Super Rod is the rod you’ll need to fish out the rarest monsters you can get from rivers and oceans. But childhood games aside, it points to the question of how much investment is often made in the tool instead of the hand using it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. In the case of software leads, it’s good to have tools like marketing automation and proper metrics to help you identify qualified prospects. It saves up time. But in the end though, you’ll still have some reeling in to do. You can have the best system in the world but if you’re having trouble just trying to reel prospects in, that’s one problem it can’t solve.

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Software Lead Generation Tips – Choose Battles to Advance

You don’t need to be a sports fan to appreciate a tournament system. From big-time sports series like the FIFA World Cup to the whacky fighting tournaments in video games, the system is more or less the same.

This same system can also be an interesting model for software lead generation when it comes to dealing with your competitors. Typically, beating one opponent allows you to advance on to the next stage. And in cases both factual and fictional, it can be a case of luck on who your first match will be.

But in your case, you might just be a bit luckier, you get to choose your battles and determine your path to the finals.

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Software Leads Aren’t Scored in Waiting Games

There are many different kinds of waiting games. You have the one you play while waiting for a loading application (or in YouTube’s case, a video). You’ve got the one often associated with complicated relationships (or lack of one, take your pick). There’s also the one you play while waiting for a specialist appointment.

But you know what they all have in common? They’re all waiting for something to give. And when it does, the results aren’t always pretty. That’s why if you’re playing a similar game with your software leads, you are gambling with life and death.

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When Chomping Down Software Leads, at Least Learn to Chew!

There are plenty times when the law of the jungle doesn’t just apply to real wildlife. At times it can also apply to business (and not always at its best). I’ve heard cynics say that the world of B2B sales and marketing is still dog-eat-dog. You either get your numbers or get out. You’re either a shark or sharkbait. (And no, I don’t mean little Nemo.)

This kind of attitude usually leaves organizations with the tendency to zero in on software leads and take no prisoners. You get right on to chomping. You leave nothing for your competitors.

But if you’re going to do that, at least learn how to chew.

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