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Software Appointment Setting Tips – The Psychology of Pricing Still Works

You should know by now that even B2B customers are more likely to buy a product when they’re appealed to emotionally (and yes, price manipulation can still work on them).

However, maybe it’s about time you redefined what price manipulation is and how it can improve your appointment setting process.

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Thought Leadership – Where Sales Leads Are Like Students

There’s no questioning the importance of thought leadership in content marketing. But if you’re still wondering if the amount you invest in blogs and research has been really attracting sales leads, the complete answer might not be in your CRM data.

Instead, try approaching thought leadership like a teacher would approach a classroom.

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Software Sales Leads – Opportunities VS Opportunism

When it comes to marketing and sales, coming off as opportunistic is one way a prospect can hand you a death sentence. And often times, it’s the defining trait of the pushy salesman stereotype (which in turn is still a primary reason for why you don’t generate that many software sales leads).

And yet, why is it that these same sales leads are still regarded as high value opportunities that are worth pursuing? Is it really possible for you to compel a buying decision without necessarily looking like an opportunist?

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Software Lead Generation Tips – A Quick Guide to Transparency with Pictures

Even in B2B marketing, pictures are a popular way to get a prospect’s attention. It appeals more to the senses and ignites curiosity and interest. That saves up a lot of trouble compared to a wall of text.

Remember, software lead generation can be a pretty lengthy process. It’s one that usually leaves you at the mercy of prospects who prefer to independently research their vendors. Anything that gets their attention in a shorter span of time gives you an advantage.

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Acquiring Software Leads from the Black Information Market

When you generate software leads online, you have black hat methods and then you have information straight from the black market. Are they intertwined? Is there a difference? What is the price you pay when dabbling too deep in the underground of today’s information industry?

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