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Create a Quest Out with Your Lead Generation Strategy

What do gamification and storytelling have in common? Well, they’re both trending new ways to reshape your current lead generation setup. Whether it’s the blog says gamification is shaping up modern marketing or the content marketer explaining the value of storytelling, there’s no questioning the popularity of these two topics.

What happens though when you put them together?

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Software Leads for Your Dynamite Rabbit

If you’ve watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the killer rabbit. Formally known as the Rabbit of Caerbannog, it’s a top pop culture symbol for cute and deadly. But you know, have you ever thought that your enterprise software could also come off as a killer rabbit? Exactly how would this concept help you generate more software leads?

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How Nagging Reviews REALLY Reduce Sales Leads

People think that negative feedback can come at the cost of generating more sales leads because of the damage it does to credibility. On the other hand, they say it can also generate more sales leads if you receive it with grace and use the information to improve products, business models, as well the marketing campaign itself.

However, there is a cap to how constructive negative reception can be until it starts to really nag. If you understand where this threshold lies, you’ll know how to balance between taking criticism and telling the critics to just stop.

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Lead Generation Tips – Many Hats But Only One Head

Just because your lead generation strategy can wear many hats doesn’t mean the components can be easily separated. Now in principle, it’s good to have a lot of ears in a lot of places because you never know what your customers are saying about you.

However, you’ve still only got one brain to process all the sounds. How do you shift through noise when it fact the noise alone still comprises of all information you need to create sales? Likewise, how do you address a prospect who comes through your website while entertaining a prospect you just tapped after a successful telemarketing call?

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Are Offshore Lead Generation Firms Closed on Thanksgiving?

In case you haven’t heard, a lot of businesses are making a point when they want to give every employee a chance to spend some quality time during Thanksgiving. In fact, about three states have already declared it illegal to open stores during the holiday.

Now from a local business perspective, this seems like a good idea. Everybody needs some time off and Thanksgiving might very well be the day for it.

Don’t forget though, we are in an increasingly globalized world. Your outsourced lead generation strategy can actually be affected by these changes even if your provider is living all the way on the other side.

In fact, the impact of Thanksgiving could very well be because of it!

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