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Are Software Sales Leads Qualified Your Way or the Prospect’s Way?

In B2B relationships, even the most purely contractual ones, a major source of strain is that both parties can’t agree on the solution. This happens when you’re trying to close a sale. It comes back to haunt during the development and deployment stages.

But you know, maybe you should’ve seen it coming even while you were still qualifying your software sales leads. Are you doing things the way the client wants or do you take pride in your own way of identifying potential customers? Either way, the attitude could’ve been an indicator of any future strain in your business relationships.

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Prior to Software Leads, Customers Consult First-Hand

One of the problems I’ve seen in inbound marketing is the occasional lack of real, human interaction. Some might argue that you can actually accomplish this with better content and guided by better analytics.

But that’s precisely the point. There are still plenty of businesses out there who don’t exactly appreciate that. They’d rather crunch numbers to prove why their software leads are qualified instead of at least confirming what was on a prospect’s mind prior to sending the contact form.

It’s almost tragic given that more marketers are calling everyone to humanize their practices as 2015 gets closer and closer.

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Lead Generation Tips – Long-Term Customers Are Like Traditions

Out of all holiday seasons, Christmas is probably the one that has most emphasis on tradition. Whether your reasons are religious or historical, everyone has something special they want to do exclusively to this time of the year.

But you know, there are other aspects to tradition and these aspects have a lot in common with what it means to maintain a long-term business relationship.

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How Can Software Leads Corrode Brand Consistency?

That’s a crazy question, I know. Brand consistency is important, even in B2B marketing. No matter how long your sales process is, people will have an easier time remembering your organization through its brand. How then can something like a constant stream of potential customers possible erode that?

You’d be surprised. More specifically, sometimes too much of a particular type of software leads can in fact lead to brands to muddy up their original brand identity.

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Everything About Software Lead Generation Is Now Known… So What Now?

When you read articles like How to Sell Almost Anything, your reaction starts to differ the longer you work in any marketing and sales position. If you’re a first-timer, this information is actually quite valuable. But when you realize that this is actually what plenty of experienced salespeople have already been saying, you realize that maybe that’s all there is. You now know everything about lead generation.

So what now?

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