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Software Leads and The Frivolous Use of Software

All software is often used frivolously. This might make more than a few business professionals and engineers uncomfortable but this little fact isn’t always a bad thing.

After all, calling something frivolous or trivial is really a matter of perspective. Some think video games, selfies, and social media don’t serve much of a purpose. And yet, they’re all produced by billion dollar industries with fans screaming, “SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY!”

Same goes for movies and special effects. There’s a lot of coding that goes into the tools of animation and graphics design. And yet for all that data-crunching, the end result is Olaf the Snowman or a dress-up Pikachu.

So when you think about it, maybe your software leads don’t always have to be from the world of executive level decision making, global supply chains, or complex B2B sales. Maybe you’d get more out of users who want to use your software for something a little bit lighter.

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What Can Lead Generators Do With a Script?

Whether it’s customer service or traditional, B2B telemarketing, nobody likes to go by the script these days. But put in another way, has the script totally lost any redeeming quality? If reading off the words of a script comes off as monotonous and robotic, what good is a script for? Should B2B lead generators start weaning off of it as early as the first day of a campaign?

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Appointment Setting Tips – United You Sell, Divided You Fail

If you think the title is talking about your sales and your marketers, you’d be wrong. Besides, there are plenty of experts already taking shots at bridging this age-old divide.

However, what about the divide in your prospect organizations? Aren’t these also a challenge to overcome in your appointment setting strategy?

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Software Lead Generation and Software Dependency

In age full of smartphones, social media, constant connection, and big data, there’s always that one voice from the past who insists on ‘the old-fashioned way.’ These are the folks who see dependence on technology as a form of weakness and incapacity to ask the ‘hard questions.’

Adding to the irony is that marketing these same, high-end business software tools invokes similar dependency. Much of today’s successful marketing seems defined by how big a mark you make on the web: LinkedIn, thought leadership, strong data etc. It’s easy to see that there’s less of showing the actual, objective value of your technology and more on just getting that hype train up and running.

How can your lead generation strategy strike the balance between a top quality product and marketing it so that it doesn’t fall into obscurity?

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Software Appointment Setting Tips – Explaining Unpopular Changes

Whether they’re pitching enterprise technology, social media, or popular video games, there are times when software companies make product changes that grow unpopular with users.

That’s not to say you wouldn’t have your reasons should that happen to your company. Sometimes the customers could just be asking too much or maybe it would’ve only been possible at a higher price tag. With that said though, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it your best when explaining an unpopular decision.

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