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Appointment Setters Don’t Always Win With “The Truth.”

Forget about Jack Nicholson and A Few Good Men. It’s not that people can’t handle the truth. It’s that people simply don’t want it.

Of course, defining what ‘truth’ is can be a step into the land of the insanely philosophical. Here’s a proverbial lifeline that appointment setters can hold on to. Sometimes just having the evidence to prove yourself isn’t enough and you can actually have the opposite effect when you weaponize information for the purpose of disproving your ‘skeptics’ wrong.

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Your Software Leads Could Be Right Across the Street

When it comes to romantic relationships, there are plenty who are foregoing the tired, old wait for Mr./Ms. Right. They want to take things into their own hands and hate the idea that the one they’re looking for being right under their noses.

You know what gets me? It’s the fact that you don’t apply this sort of thinking when it comes to B2B sales and generating software leads.

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Software Lead Generators Must Create Emphatic Experiences

B2B and B2C marketing could be as different as the oceans are from mountains. And yet, why is it that professionals in the former can’t help but envy the latter when it comes to popularity?

A couple years ago, there were only a handful of business-targeted marketing stunts that were worthy of mention (whether it’s Adobe’s usual business intelligence ads or that one Volvo ad featuring Van Damme). And even then, one can argue that these companies still had a sizeable portion of the consumer market to go along with their corporate ventures.

What is it in consumer marketing that popular opinion decrees to be unachievable by lead generators and sales appointment setters?

Could it be empathy?

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