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What Your Sales Leads Won’t Tell Your Systems

It shouldn’t be ironic for a software company to go beyond what a system tells them about human beings. I’d actually think it’d give technophobes the proverbial sock in the presumptive jaw. Imagine: a CRM company actually telling its users to use tried-and-true salesmanship practices instead of counting on a machine to do the job for them.

What really seals the deal for this approach, however, is that you actually practice what you preach. You look for more information on your sales leads beyond what your systems can learn about them.

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Want a Lead Generation Strategy for Dealing with Critics? Let them Pay

No, it’s not ‘make them pay.’ It’s ‘let them pay.’ Because if you nobody ever noticed, all critics ever do is actually make claims that counter the claims of your marketers and lead generators. And like you, it takes a lot to maintain their position. Why not structure your lead generation strategy to let them pay that cost instead of silencing them?

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Are ERP Software Leads ALWAYS Manufactured?

There’s a lot for a marketer like me to say when I read about manufactured empathy. If you haven’t heard the phrase, it’s really just one of the many ways people criticize the ‘fakeness’ in a lot of marketing stunts.

“Oh this was clearly sponsored.”

“This is so an ad.”

“Someone paid for this.”

In my opinion, it’s a little beside the point. But at the same time, it makes me sympathize with really scrupulous salespeople who don’t like ERP software leads that have a ‘manufactured’ fee. They want a process that ‘naturally’ generates potential clients. No smoke and mirrors. No doctored screenshots of the software. Is this so hard these days?

Short answer: No.

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Appointment Setting Strategies and Implicit Bias

With the celebration of International Women’s Day, some people take it as an opportunity to talk about issues like implicit bias. Apparently, you can find it everywhere (even within, oh-so-professional confines of your software appointment setting strategy).

In all seriousness though, worrying too much about it is not the best attitude if you’re already having a hard time just getting any prospect to give your software company a chance.

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Your Smaller Software Leads Can Still Spark Great Change

Were you a dreamer when you tried to generate software leads for the first time? If you were, don’t be ashamed. Don’t feel bad either if you felt way in over your head.

On the other hand, don’t let the failure to nab some big name brands keep you from a goal. Just because you’ve only been managing to sell the small stuff doesn’t mean that you haven’t made a big change in your prospect organizations.

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