A Lead Generation Campaign That Does Not Stress Anyone Out

Lead generation can induce stress no differently from any other business function. When results are not showing, investment is being wasted, and there is just simply no progress, how can anyone not worry? But more specifically, how aware are you that your lead generation efforts are also stressing others besides yourself?

How Lead Generation Can Trouble Other Parties

Lead Generation, Lead Generation Services, Software LeadsSuppose you are a company specializing in BI and accounting software. Basically, you are all about products that visualize data in ways that can be easily understood with as minimal need for crunching numbers as possible. That is what you pitch when attracting your accounting leads. On the other hand, a flawed approach to lead generation can easily distort that to work the other way around.

Here are two groups that can show how:

  • Your prospects – Sometimes the said visualization is not well received. A picture can speak a thousand words but if all those words induce a heart attack in your prospect or client, a guilt trip could be the least of your concerns. Your strategy could also adopt an ironic approach where your marketers and salespeople hammer prospects with more information when the product is clearly supposed to accomplish the opposite.

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  • Your outsourced providers – Since lead generation can be such a hassle, you decide to outsource. On the other hand, outsourcing to just anyone does not automatically solve your problems. Rather, you could make the typical mistake of just paying someone else to get stressed for you. You may not be stressed yourself but the poor results could still be the same.

Believe it or not but the key to a stress-free campaign for your business, your prospects, and your providers lies in the providers themselves. You are actually correct to outsource lead generation services. What you did wrong was to do so without thinking.

Simply put, you need to determine the right people for the job. Perhaps the group you outsourced is still not quite experienced in the field of accounting software. Maybe your software does not fit the mediums and approaches they have used for long. If that were the case, you just need to find someone who does and that not as stressful as it sounds. All you need really is someone who knows how to market what accounting software is about without necessarily resorting to jargon.

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The unique thing about accounting is that the process itself can arguably be more stress-inducing than just simply getting other businesses take interest. People are not exactly eager to know how much money they have left or how much they have lost. The awkward part is visualizing that information does not necessarily mean it will reduce the stressful impact of such data.

You can argue that those are the facts but surely you have ways for both your software and your marketing to break those facts down more gently to them right? And even if you failed, you will attract more accounting software leads for trying.

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