Appointment Setting Tips – United You Sell, Divided You Fail

If you think the title is talking about your sales and your marketers, you’d be wrong. Besides, there are plenty of experts already taking shots at bridging this age-old divide.

However, what about the divide in your prospect organizations? Aren’t these also a challenge to overcome in your appointment setting strategy?

When your customer’s organization is united behind the buying decision, you are logically bound for a sale. And when they’re divided because of it, you will face corresponding failure. It’s really simple but more often than not, it’s harder to implement because you can’t easily find something everyone will have in common.

  • Reason #1. Your product isn’t always enough – More specifically, it’s not enough to just flash your product in a series of blasted emails (even if said emails were targeted exclusively to key decision makers). Some of them might not realize the need for your service/product as quickly as the others. Some might consider alternative solutions. More still just don’t like the way your representatives carry themselves.
  • Reason #2. You’ll need a unifying incentive – How do you know what everyone is going to want out of your product? Here’s how you won’t know: Lack of follow-ups, lack of qualification. Qualifying a lead might not just require a single phone call. Don’t hesitate to actually have multiple lead generators at once investigating the key decision makers. Use your research to tie everything that incentivizes them (be it lower cost, better production, employee satisfaction etc).

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  • Reason #3. Incentive must be real enough – Lying and playing politics constantly is obviously the worst idea. What makes it really bad though is that it creates a shaky foundation for unifying different decision makers. If you’re going to pitch something that’s going to solve all the problems one way or another, it has to be real enough. More than that, your own organization has to honestly state that this is what you’re going to deliver and you believe it’s doable.

Obviously, this doesn’t take away the importance of keeping your sales and marketers united as well. If anything, it should teach you the importance of unity for all organizations and their collective decisions.

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