B2B Leads From Social Media Need To Be Social

B2B Lead Generation

The recent wave of doubts regarding Facebook’s advertising platform isn’t actually new. A couple of months before talk of its IPO, Matthew Ingram of GigaOm wrote a blog about struggle of social media sites to please advertising prospects.


How is this connected to B2B leads? Isn’t there are world of difference between marketing B2B and B2C? While this may be so, plenty of B2B groups are already delving into social media as part of their overall online marketing plan. With regards to Facebook though, Ingram implies that the value of social media doesn’t lie in putting ads but actually making use of the social experience between company and customer:


“And if you don’t want to just inject ads into a stream or onto a Facebook page, then you might have to develop an actual conversation with your users in order to get your message across, and that can be a lot of work — so much so that some advertisers might not see the payoff as being worth it.”


But unlike advertisers, lead generators aren’t shy of putting that much work seeing as how the entire process is about finding out needs and establishing a relationship even before the sale. It’s one reason why most B2B companies use more direct means of communication (e.g. targeted email, telemarketing) in order to establish contact instead of the usual route of advertising deployed by B2C companies. Social media shouldn’t be different. In fact, the name of the medium itself should already tell you that much. If you want to make good use of it, you should be social!

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