B2B Sales Leads – Executives Are Still People

While it seems a bit cliché to humanize the likes the CEO, that doesn’t diminish that little bit of wisdom found in the title. Sure you might cite a few like Warren Buffett who seem to have achieved a sort of sagely status among some, that doesn’t eliminate the inherent humanity in everyone (including Buffett).


However, acknowledging this humanity can play a surprising role when it comes to lead generation. For instance, suppose you’re generating leads for BI software. Naturally, given the nature of it, only an executive would take interest in something like that. They need as much streamlining as possible when it comes to running business.


So where does the humanity of that high-ranking executive come in here? Well it’s at the point of when you’re targeting them for software leads and knowing the right time to do so. Believe it or not, they’re not always executives 100% of the time.


Some of them could be parents, grandparents, spouses, lovers, aunts, uncles etc. Simply put, there are moments in their day when they in fact cease to be Mr. or Mrs. Bigbucks, CEO and become simply regular people. It’s at these moments that you can’t really approach them as CEO. When they’re in this particular state, they’re more likely to respond to being approached as consumers and not business owners.


On the other hand, they need to be business owners in order for you to get the software leads you need. That means you still need to aim high and not wait for them to come down the elevator and drive home where a product on a commercial is more likely to get their interest than your software.

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