B2B Software Leads – Telling You How To Teach

Generating software leads should be all about getting to know your prospects. However, that is not as sentimental as it sounds. There is definitely a professional side to the process. In fact, you are only being more objective if you are familiar with all the facts surrounding your potential clients.

What Facts Can Your Sales Leads Tell You?

Software Leads, Accounting Software Leads, Sales LeadsMany people have this mistaken understanding that just because you are called to serve instead of sell, it is somehow an attack on the rigidity of professionalism. It is romanticized as a revolutionary challenge to go against the profit motive and give more than what is asked. Granted, there is a point to having some level of emotional connection with your market, that does not mean you should lose sight of your objective. Furthermore, making an emotional connection is supposed to be only the start of your lead generation process. You still need to take it further if you ever have any hopes of a long-lasting business relationship.

So how does one start establishing connections, being of service, but at the same time, stay objective? Simple: You be objective when it comes to offering help.

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People think that being objective means you are all about the facts. So how can you be of service with the facts? You use those facts to the ultimate benefit of your prospects and clients. As an example, suppose you are marketing accounting software. Now many will say that like any other software tool, it is only the tool. It is not necessarily the entire process.

On the other hand, not all accountants are computer or IT experts. This is where objectivity plays a significant role. Think of it like the relationship between students and teachers. Like teachers, your business should understand the limits of their students’ current understanding. Only then can they have a good idea of what materials to use and how to impart knowledge that is relevant to their field of study even if your product is a little ways outside it. Hence, such is the purpose of accounting software leads. So what exactly are these limits? Simply do a basic review of what your lead generator is supposed to find out:

  • Limits of knowledge – Certain accounting companies have varying levels of expertise in numerous sub-categories under its umbrella (e.g. tax consulting, budgeting, and even payroll). A common challenge among accounting software vendors is the prospect of specializing or customizing for a particular industry’s use. You will have difficulty with that if you cannot determine what your prospect’s can and cannot do.

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  • Limits of budget – While you need to dispense with a profit motive, you need to keep money flowing to keep your business running and serving. That is why you need to know how much your prospect can pay you. On the bright side, people in the accounting industry are those who definitely understand the concept of getting what one pays for.

Teaching is not always 100% sentimental and caring about profit does not always mean you have a profit motive. Done right, your objective approach can highlight the limitations of your prospect’s understanding, provide the software support, and convert B2B sales leads into a fruitful learning experience.

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