Be Precise When Looking For Accounting Software Leads In Strict DNC Countries

When it comes to anti-telemarketing laws, Australia is usually one of the top countries to mention. While consumer rights advocates have every reason to celebrate the new protection of their privacy, this spells trouble for those who need telemarketing for B2B lead generation.


Why is telemarketing still needed? Can’t these people just google it? Unfortunately, businesses who are open to discuss things like partnerships and outsourcing aren’t likely to be found on google. You’ve probably already seen it for yourself that the internet is filled with more ads directed towards consumers. Meanwhile, their websites are also dedicated to customer support. It’s highly doubtful that they’d have a contact page exclusively for B2B matters.


This is even worst when it’s your business doing the offering. For instance, you’re a supplier of B2B accounting applications. B2B software like that isn’t something you can advertise en-masse. Even if you were to opt for the alternative of target email, you’ll still need to refine your list so that you won’t end up blasting to the wrong set of people.


Telemarketing is used because it’s often the most direct and precise way of getting in touch with the right targets within an organization. It’s also the fastest way to qualify them if they’re the right kind of accounting leads. In case you don’t know, the variety of accounting applications tend to go between the B2C and B2B sides of the market. If your product is strictly only for B2B, then that makes it more important for you to be precise in your approach.


Telemarketing in Australia for those leads requires that precision both for reaching decision makers and avoiding those on its infamous DNC register. If it helps, try outsourcing first or at least consult with a company that has an Australian contact database.

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