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Information remains to be one of the greatest needs among IT sales professionals when it comes to success. However, there is more the information required than what they have defined as software leads. With the tech industry’s reputation for occasionally being out of touch, you need to make sure your skills in IT sales keep you aware of what prospects truly need and not just what you perceive those needs to be.

Differentiate What Prospects Want From What An IT Sales Professional Wants

IT Sales, IT Sales Leads, Software LeadsOne of the most notorious mistakes that can strain relationships between sales and marketing is when the former project itself on the prospects introduced by the latter. These three selected blogs touch on the topic and what it means to market technology in the context of a potential customer’s perspective, not just that of the IT sales team.

IT Sales Tips – Balance Confidence In Your Gear

IBM had recently published an infographic claiming a retailing and fashion trend heading towards a steampunk revival. While that may very well be the case, there remains a chance that the term ‘steampunk’ itself can be interpreted very loosely. IBM’s BI technology could be suspect and the same problem can affect the IT sales leads of your own BI software solution if you are too confident in technology’s capacity.

Software Lead Generation Tips – Suggest Something Doable

When criticizing the current state of an IT prospect’s technology, be careful. You might wind up focusing on what cannot be done and forget suggesting an actual alternative. IT sales professionals should remember the importance of defining a prospect’s profile. That profile will indicate compatibility with your IT solution!

Get IT Sales By Getting IT Folks Out Of Their Fort

Finally, there is the classic problem of IT not aligning with even today’s corporate goals. Today, there is a stronger need for everyone to understand the customer and that includes IT departments. This continues on to reflect in demands that traditional business IT may have yet to get used to. But if you want your IT sales people to get started, best get out of the fort now!

Lead generation is not just for marketers. IT sales professionals still have a role to play in ensuring their success. You could have the most highly qualified IT sales leads right within your own database. But unless you go beyond the perspective of engineers and see through the eyes of clients and consumers, you will fail to meet the demand outlined in your ERP software leads.

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