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B2B Marketing: The HR Software Buyer’s Checklist

For any organization, especially for startups and small businesses, HR software is a crucial aspect. Such records of employees help you keep track of their diligence. It also indicates the interest your employee has in his/her work. The more the leaves, the less the interest. HR software helps you keep the most accurate track of the amount of paid leave, sick leave, and holidays your employee is entitled to. Continue reading

Your Smaller Software Leads Can Still Spark Great Change

Were you a dreamer when you tried to generate software leads for the first time? If you were, don’t be ashamed. Don’t feel bad either if you felt way in over your head.

On the other hand, don’t let the failure to nab some big name brands keep you from a goal. Just because you’ve only been managing to sell the small stuff doesn’t mean that you haven’t made a big change in your prospect organizations.

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Get Software Leads from Content or from Conversation?

Defining software leads has always been a point of conflict between tech company marketers and sales reps. But when it comes to content marketing and inbound lead generation, this is where the spat really escalates.

Which is more likely to generate quality software leads, content or having an actual conversation with a prospect?

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Software Appointment Setting Tips – The Psychology of Pricing Still Works

You should know by now that even B2B customers are more likely to buy a product when they’re appealed to emotionally (and yes, price manipulation can still work on them).

However, maybe it’s about time you redefined what price manipulation is and how it can improve your appointment setting process.

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In Defense of Short-Term Lead Generation Projects

I’m all for dissing corporate lingo. We all could use a whole lot less of it. That’s why I was a little surprised when I read this brief post by Mark Schaefer of {Grow}. The use of the word ‘project’ has always been on my list of words I could use a lot less when talking about business processes. On the other hand, the term itself (and Mark’s reasoning) could use a bit of defense here.

Calling something a project doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be something that teams will need to just weather through.

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