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How Social Marketing Works For SAP Software Industry

There are few marketers in today’s sap software ecosystem who would argue that social media is not an important new frontier for understanding, engaging and influencing sap software buyers and owners. The rapid adoption and mass use of social as a dynamic medium for entertainment, interaction, content exchange, exploration and recommendation make it a potentially powerful platform with major implications across the entire sap software leads marketing and sales cycle. Continue reading

Your Smaller Software Leads Can Still Spark Great Change

Were you a dreamer when you tried to generate software leads for the first time? If you were, don’t be ashamed. Don’t feel bad either if you felt way in over your head.

On the other hand, don’t let the failure to nab some big name brands keep you from a goal. Just because you’ve only been managing to sell the small stuff doesn’t mean that you haven’t made a big change in your prospect organizations.

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Software Leads and Promises of Superpowers

It used to be that only activists (and the occasional paranoid) made a big deal about how much information gets stored and accessed online.

But now, with all the news you get about advancing big data technology and cloud-computing, the Orwellian nightmare might just hit closer to reality.

The really sucky part though is when that nightmare casts tech companies like yours as sinister profiteers who promise the all-knowing superpower of data to win top-dollar software leads.

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Big Stunts and B2B Marketing – Part 1

Crazy stunts have always been highlight of marketing be it B2B or B2C. They take in many forms, go across all mediums, but what they all do have in common is that they either have a novel or aggressive impact. Either way, they draw so much attention in so many ways but, as this little exhibit will show, you need to know what makes them all play out.

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Freebies – The Art of Getting from Giving

Even in the age of online marketing, there’s still a lot of debate about whether freebies are ultimately good for business. On one hand, few things draw customers like an item or a service that won’t eat a whole in their pocket. On the other, freebies are often inundating to the point of being completely worthless (both for customers and businesses).

Perhaps worse is the fact that they’re often associated with consumer marketing. What kind of freebies can come out of enterprise vendors? Even if it is ‘better to give than receive’, that old proverb may not be enough to justify a bad sales report.

Well, the best way to find out is to start from the marketing end. The art of using freebies is basically the art of getting something out of giving.

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