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Five Reports You Wish You Knew in B2B Marketing Services

B2B Lead generation is a different animal from general advertising or marketing communications. The biggest difference is that lead generation relies on direct marketing, also known as direct-response marketing communications. Direct marketing comprises a set of marketing tools, approaches, and activities that are targeted, measurable, and driven by return-on-investment (ROI) considerations. But the key difference is that direct marketing’s goal is to motivate an action. The action can be anything from a click, to a phone call, to a store visit—whatever the goal of the B2B marketer is. Continue reading

Software Lead Generators Must Create Emphatic Experiences

B2B and B2C marketing could be as different as the oceans are from mountains. And yet, why is it that professionals in the former can’t help but envy the latter when it comes to popularity?

A couple years ago, there were only a handful of business-targeted marketing stunts that were worthy of mention (whether it’s Adobe’s usual business intelligence ads or that one Volvo ad featuring Van Damme). And even then, one can argue that these companies still had a sizeable portion of the consumer market to go along with their corporate ventures.

What is it in consumer marketing that popular opinion decrees to be unachievable by lead generators and sales appointment setters?

Could it be empathy?

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Software Appointment Setting Tips – Give the Prize of Validation

When it comes to belief systems, it’s likely your first assumption is to think that’s in the field of self-help gurus, motivational speakers, and of course, all the world’s religions.

But in marketing, even B2B marketing, you deal with belief systems everyday. Your software appointment setting campaigns can claim to just have all the facts. That doesn’t mean these facts are being broadcasted because you know it resonates with the belief of your target market.

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Lead Generation Tips – Walking Through Wonderland

When your HR lead generation strategy starts targeting really large businesses, your agents tend to get lost in the maze of corporate hierarchy and company politics. It gets worse though if the so-called ‘conflict’ is entirely staged to keep marketers out. It is like trying to walk through Wonderland. Either way, you end up going mad just getting out.

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Appointment Setting – Helping Sales Communicate

In appointment setting, one will occasionally contend with the bad rep that salespeople have self-inflicted on themselves. And as an example, look to the hostility that some healthcare professionals exhibit towards IT vendors. As always, it illustrates the wide communication gap between IT experts and the rest of the world.

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