Collecting Software Leads – How to Capitalize the Urge Behind Egg Hunts

What do Easter egg hunts have in common with software leads? It’s the urge to collect something. Plenty of business models capitalize on this urge whether it’s collectible toys, high fashion wardrobes, or the latest automobiles.

But for a B2B salesperson, your software leads can create a similar urge. Unfortunately though, it can be hard to cultivate when you don’t know how to keep these leads in good supply.

Maintaining the supply can require more than harvesting basic prospect information. Quality will always have a bigger impact than just sheer quantity. To keep your salespeople in a constant egg hunt for more leads, you need to keep them diverse, make sure they’re stable, and not to mention they have to be a worthy mention in their career in sales.

  • Diversity requires different colors – Think of diversifying your software leads like having different colors of paints. You paint an Easter egg to keep every egg different. You paint your leads each time you define what they are. Are you switching to a new industry or targeting a new business function? Allowing your software leads to be even just a little different from each other allows you to provide different challenges and brings a literal color to a salesperson’s achievements.

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  • Stability in a strong shell – Unlike regular eggs, most of today’s Easter eggs are either made of plastic or even stronger material. Obviously that’s to keep their little contents (candy, toys etc) safe. What are you doing to protect yours? Remember, prospects want their business information secure in a way that they only want meet with a saleperson who is worth their time. You also have to make sure this information is accurate in that your sales rep won’t accidentally break a potential deal (either by failing to pronounce a name or call the right number).
  • They’ve got to be worth display – And by display, I don’t mean just the bragging sort. All employees want their work recognized. They want it to contribute to a clear goal (and that’s why great managers always emphasize on such goals). Put in another way, it’s the best combination of keeping track of sales performance and showing off work. You don’t want just a small basket with a few eggs (or worse, a few eggs of just the same plain color). You want something like a rainbow in a basket.

One could say that the desire to accumulate lies in the heart of business itself. If anything, being unable to properly collect things like software leads will only repress this desire in unhealthy ways. It deprives a business of much needed revenue. It leaves a work force stagnant. The next time you see an Easter egg hunt, realize how valuable the urge to collect can actually be.

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