Competitors – More And More Are Out For Your Cloud Computing Leads!

Software Lead GenerationJust this week,  InfoWorld published a  slideshow highlighting the big-name entries into the cloud-computing race. While Amazon continues to dominate, the arrival of new tech giants could only mean you’ll have a lot more heavy contenders to compete with for cloud computing leads.


In the past few months, Google, HP, and Microsoft have announced they’re getting into the IaaS game. Amazon now dominates the space, but can it fend off the invading tech giants? Smaller players like Rackspace — now famous for its OpenStack ‘cloud operating system’ — and insurgents like Joyent are also intent on grabbing a piece of Amazon’s pie.”


Competitors always pose a significant threat the to success of your lead generation campaign. The more news of big-time competition gets out, even qualified cloud computing leads will lose their value as interest begins to shift in their favor. Cloud computing remains to be a growing market but it’s a market that’s growing fast. And when it grows fast, it’s likely that the competition will only become more intense. Below are a few factors in cloud computing which could cause a shift in favor of your competitors:


  • Trends – Cloud computing is still a new industry. Despite that, more and more companies are starting to employ the cloud (even if it’s only for non-critical functions). Many are also predicting that this new technology will play a significant role in changing the enterprise software game. It’s these predictions that have been drawing the attention of the tech giants for quite a while.
  • Flaws – Cloud computing isn’t without its flaws as critics of the trend are pointing out great risks to security. In addition to that is the rising threat of online criminal activities such as hacking and the classical spread of viruses. By now though, both you and your competitors already know enough about these common threats and are rushing to keep back doors closed as well as meet compliance.
  • Customer Service – It’s good that the slideshow chooses to mention Amazon as recent disasters in its infrastructure may have blunted it’s edge over these incoming competitors. It’s poor handling of its recent (and major) outage has already sparked outcry from critics and could hand the advantage over to the new players.


What’s interesting is that the slideshow mentions a few other big-name companies such as Terremark and IBM:


But other names bear watching, too, such as IBM and its SmartCloud Enterprise and the VMware-centric Terremark Enterprise Cloud, although both require you to engage with a rep rather than perform your own self-service startup.”


If these companies would still like to engage, then perhaps you should too! All of the three factors above can be dealt with if you’re engaging customers or pursuing ERP leads. There’s a lot that you can learn about their needs. You can also learn about any security concerns they might have. It also gives them someone they can contact should they start having problems.


On the other hand, such engagement is more likely to succeed with a multi-channel approach. Don’t hesitate to make phone calls, send emails, or schedule appointments with your prospects. Learn as much about your prospects as possible and you can keep up with the competition.

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