Does Software Appointment Setting Need Higher Agendas?

In a world where everything seems literally interconnected, there are times when you have to appreciate the different kinds of people there are in the work place. Some people are happy to just have a job, doing what they do just enough to keep it. Others like to see a higher purpose to what they do. It gives them a perspective that focuses on learning how to give more.

You could run into either type during your appointment setting campaign. And while you think you’ve trained your marketers to accept all sorts, sometimes it’s hard to reconcile these two drastically opposite approaches to life in the office. How can you really promise a higher agenda during one sales appointment and then just set that objective aside in another?

Your goal is a lot simpler than it sounds actually. You don’t want to come across as hypocritical. And believe it or not, you can extol the virtues of those who want a higher purpose in their work, all the while respecting those who just want to go through each day with just a little less hassle.

The one with the higher calling

Call them what you will: entrepreneurs, thought leaders, motivational speakers etc. These are the people you expect writing out a book or two on their industry, giving sagely executive advice, and subject to the occasional interview with Time, WSJ, or Forbes.

These are the people who believe that it’s not so much their work that gives them meaning. It’s the idea that their work is actually making a major impact on the world. Marketing to these people can be a piece of cake when you share a similar vision. But what about if you’re ‘guilty’ of just trying to sell to the usual 9-5 crowd?

  • Always let them talk about themselves first – Some might think this is pandering. But in fact, you’re just being respectful. You have a vision, they have their own. If you want sales appointments coming out smoothly, you’d obviously want to align both.
  • Align by focusing on their biggest obstacle – The best way to align is not by constantly talking about your long-term goals or by what your company philosophies have in common. It’s about how you can solve both immediate and long-term obstacles for your prospect. What can your software do that can help them deal with a long-time pain point?

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The one just happy with a paycheck

There’s nothing with just being happy with where you are. You don’t aspire to climb the corporate ladder (not anymore at least). Problems crop up everyday but it’s nothing your prospect can’t handle. It’s tempting for some to fault them for ‘lacking ambition’ just to prime them for a sales pitch. So to resist that, here are better things to keep in mind:

  • Simplify the way you can help – Of course, they won’t just give you their list of personal life goals when you ask them. To get past the privacy barrier, try to simplify who you are and what your products can do just to their make work a little easier. Don’t try to impress them with big buzzwords. Impress them with simple but accurate presentations of what they can do.

Prospects who think they have different expectations from their work life only think they’re different in terms of where they put their priorities. But when you look at the level of those priorities instead of where they are, you’re closer to understanding just how similar they are to each other. Short version: you don’t necessarily have to have a ‘higher agenda’ in your software appointments. However, you do need to understand what’s the highest on your prospect’s own agenda.

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