Don’t Beat Money Out of Lead Generation Companies

It sounds a little extreme but some outsourcing relationships can reach that point. Like any other business, lead generation companies are held accountable for delivering what they promised. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you have to get bullish when it seems like they’re failing to deliver.

First things first though, even outsourced lead generators draw a line when making guarantees. For instance, they can’t really change the fact that a lead isn’t a sale until a prospect says so. That’s what defines the difference between departments (or in your case, a salesperson and a vendor company).

If you really want to make the most out of your money, don’t look to them first. (Yes, it sounds weird when outsourcing makes you look like you’re giving them part, if not all, of your marketing responsibilities). Look to yourself and evaluate your buying decision.

  • Did you compare market prices? – B2B marketing and lead generation form an entire industry. Too many companies would rather invest in their core functions. And like any industry, many companies are competing inside it. Did you outsource one company because it was cheaper than most or did you look deeper?
  • What’s the average cost of B2B marketing? – What’s the average cost of B2B marketing? What’s the average of cost of outsourcing it? Knowing the average gives you a standard to measure performance against. Whether a vendor is higher or lower than it, it helps you check if they’re cutting corners.
  • How much do you know about outsourcing? – Outsourcing isn’t just about making a process cheap. When it comes to marketing and lead generation, there is still a strong element of strategy involved. Do you exercise habits like regular meet-ups with providers or generating proper feedback?
  • Are you aware of what they can and cannot do? – Again, businesses today outsource more than just one function/process. You need to keep drawing that line just as you would if had all those functions in-house. An appointment setting company is not necessarily an IT service company, for example. Don’t pay but expect them to do beyond what their industry provides.

B2B or B2C, getting the most out of your money isn’t really about beating it out of what you bought. We all know that it’s really just the stuff of organized crime, not legitimate business. Look first to what you can do with lead generation companies before trying to beat the cash out of them.

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