Don’t Waste Time When Setting Up Software Appointments!

Software Appoitments

Business intelligence software appeals only to people who are really high up. And if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s how they value their time. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that your marketing and B2B lead generation methods take up as little amount of that time as possible. In the following, you will find several methods that need to be tailored or avoided altogether because they take too much of that time otherwise:


  • Web pages – This is not necessarily a bad idea. A good web page that is well-optimized with keywords can attract those who are searching for a software solution. This in turn already establishes a need or else they wouldn’t be searching in the first place. However, the danger is having too much text and listing too many technical features that would surely eat up their time. In fact, you’re lucky they managed to spare a few minutes just to search. Make sure your website doesn’t bombard them with too many details and give them an option to learn more at their own pace.
  • Banner advertisements – Even in B2C businesses, the value of banner ads is still suspect because the conversion rate seems poor. On the other hand, there are plenty of really creative banners out there. The thing is though, you’re better off not trying this at all. The best banner ads are those that really appeal to people who spend a lot of time on the internet. These banners usually contain quirky little features, marketing stunts, and mini-games. A CEO hardly has the time to play around with these things.
  • Telemarketing – While you may have heard or read enough about it from people who say it’s fast, that depends on how fast your own people can use it. Professional telemarketers aren’t as easy to hire as you think. It takes years of experience to become one, learn the right mix of words, timing, and there’s also the additional investment in terms of equipment as well as information.
  • Email marketing – You can consider this the online version of telemarketing. But at the same time though, the rules stated regarding web pages also apply. Your subject line should not signal any red flags but at the same time, it has to signal the needs and interests of the reader.


The above methods are just the first step. You still have to keep the amount of time you spend while engaging the prospect. Chances are, they might not like talking too long even more than you. That’s where the appointments come in. Meanwhile, those same appointments must be carefully qualified before hand and scheduled at the appropriate date so that your prospect doesn’t waste too much time then either.


These people are very critical and very sharp when it comes to measuring the amount of time any activity would use. Just one look and they’ll either stick with you or start walking away. This scrutiny doesn’t end even after the appointment is set and the deal is made. They’ll be keeping an eye on the clock every step of the way so don’t do anything that will spend too much of that time!

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