ERP Leads Need Careful Information Control

Given the large size scope of an ERP software package, you need to be really careful not to give your prospects the much dreaded information overload. It doesn’t matter if you use social media, telemarketing, or even just plain media advertising, each of these methods are only at their best when contact with a prospect is kept short and simple.


Now when it comes to B2B products like ERP software, both the telephone and the internet can make for very effective tools. However, as stated above, you need to really control how much information you give out. And it’s not just you who has to give out that information. You need it too. How else are you going to qualify a client or do any necessary follow-ups?


One of the reasons why too much information can turn prospects off is that it’s inconsiderate. When you don’t know your prospect that well, why waste their time citing things they may not care for?


With that said, here’s a simple way you can unite both telemarketing and internet marketing to carefully control the information exchange for software appointment setting. Try interchanging the two mediums each time a client expresses greater interest. If they respond to an email, you can give them the option of receiving a call from you so they can learn more. The reverse can also be just as effective. You give them a polite call and then send a more detailed email or point them to a website if they show some interest.


You don’t even need to worry about investing too much. Outsourced lead generation services do things like this all the time. Why not call one today and see it all in action?

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