Establishing a Foreign Software Contact

There are many reasons for wanting to look beyond your own country’s shores for a business contact. Some businesses do it because they feel that the have progressed enough to the point that it’s time to go global. Other times, small companies that manage their business entirely online (such as some ERP software companies) would find themselves with clients on the other side of the world.


In either case, sailing into the greater waters of international marketing is inevitable. No matter how large your country maybe, it still carries the potent possibility that marketing outside it can be a wholly different experience.


So how does a software business of any size organize its efforts in generating leads from a foreign location? For one, you’ll need to establish an insider’s look at the business arena. That person must know or at least get to know the appropriate section of the local business sector where the company might get a good start. You’ll then need to store this information and have analysts break it down to the most likely prospects.
There are several ways to get this information. Big businesses looking to market in Japan might actually train or hire folks fluent in both the language and culture to represent them there. Smaller companies that have decided on Singapore might outsource to a software telemarketer with a Singapore contact center.


Regardless of your means, with our world undergoing a rapid globalization, it is not surprising that any business will start looking beyond the horizon for B2B leads. If you’re one of them, start learning about your target nation or contact an international telemarketer now.

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