Future Sales Leads – Are Market Predictions on Track?

When reports and predictions appear to put sales leads on the horizon, there are still plenty of risks involved. The most obvious being that these predictions can still be off by considerable margins as well the tendency towards hype.

Still, going the path of the stubborn skeptic is hardly any more beneficial to your software firm’s health. The real question is: What exactly do you do in case the good predictions have started coming true?

Predict Sales Leads Along The Side

Sales Leads, ERP Sales Leads, Lead GenerationThe trick is to completely align your approach along the predictions. Pretend that the predictions are like a channel of water and your strategy is a fish swimming inside it. To avoid bumping into walls or slowing down, your fish must learn when and where to turn.

As an example of a prediction, the following citation is from a recent Forbes about Cisco’s predictions on cloud data and the traffic it could bring. Further along though, it is also clear that the increasing use of cloud could only mean that a market ripe with cloud computing leads is not that far behind:

The move to cloud means a different type of economics is emerging, the report explains. ‘With increasing server computing capacity and virtualization, multiple workloads per physical server are common in cloud architectures. Cloud economics, including server cost, resiliency, scalability, and product lifespan, are promoting migration of workloads across servers, both inside the data center and across data centers (even centers in different geographic areas).’”

This observation is only echoing the findings of many those working in the IT industry who believe it is only a part of the growing trend for the whole of the enterprise solution industry in general. The shift of workloads to the cloud shows it to be the new changing force that is full of opportunities for companies creating innovations in the area.

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But going back to the question, how do you start aligning your sales leads generation strategy along these predictions?

  • Start with possible objections – You have statistics so you actually have ammunition to contend with objections that prospects might have. That does not mean you should just assume these objections automatically. First, simply list down the reasons for why a prospect will not immediately qualify for your ERP sales leads. After which, do a bit more research, but then be ready to give the appropriate response.
  • Moderately focus on adapting – Since you will be all about adapting, you naturally do not expect your plan to remain static. As much as you should focus on making a plan succeed, you should also pay a decent amount of attention on making it easy to change with the seasons.

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  • Contribute to future predictions – Are there new problems that the current ones are not touching? It might be time to bring them to attention.

Upon further reflection, how you react to good predictions coming true is not that much different from how you should react when the hypotheses are bad. Deal with possible objections, have a decent focus on adapting, and contribute your experience to shape future predictions and to an extent, future ERP lead generation campaigns.

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