Generate Software Sales Leads via Soothing Sales Pitches

Sales reps aren’t the only ones who need to pitch. Chances are those same pitches first come out of the mouths of marketers tasked with generating your sales leads.

It doesn’t take a genius though to see how just the term ‘sales pitch’ is making some folks cringe. You might as well scream, “HEY! I’M THE NEXT BILLY MAYS KNOCK-OFF! REJECT MY OFFER PLEASE!” So what’s the obvious opposite? A sales pitch that’s more soothing than sensational.

You might wonder if this little B2B marketing adage really bears repeating.(e.g.  You shouldn’t be too self-promotional. Tone down on the hyperbole. Avoid ‘cliché’ power words etc.) You’ve had this advice before but how do you create a sales pitch that’s effective, not just wimpy?

software lead generation

Imagine it like this: Your target prospect is sitting in their desk, wondering about the current software needs of their company. Suppose they read some major announcement from a top industry vendor (e.g. Salesforce previewing their Analytics’ Cloud). They get excited. They call for a meeting. They notify the CEO.

Yet with all that excitement, it doesn’t seem to go beyond their current department. It’s business as usual for everyone else. And what’s worse, the CEO doesn’t seem particularly fazed because he can’t see past the jargon and hype (which coincidentally, are the defining ingredients of a bad sales pitch).

If you haven’t guessed, the target prospect actually represents you. Remember, qualifying a B2B lead requires you to not only set an appointment with the first person you contact. It’s about getting the whole organization to buy in.

Old Toby. Works every time.

And again, to get everyone to buy in, you need a sales pitch that is soothing not sensational. It’s like letting someone take a puff of Old Toby from Lord of the Rings for setting their nerves. You need to prompt a sense of relief to an entire organization when they finally understand what you’re offering. Use this checklist of questions to guide you:

  • Is it relevant? – How much of your offer addresses their current situation? Does it solve the entire problem or just enough of it for your prospect organization move forward?
  • Is it immediate? – No decision maker is unwise enough to expect overnight results. However, the doesn’t mean they won’t like a solution that prioritizes the results they’ve been trying to achieve for so long.
  • Is the price painless? – Depending on your business model, a prospect may or may not find the cost too painful. Negotiating the payment may ultimately be the sales reps jobs but it doesn’t hurt to present one or two different schemes.

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