Generating Software Leads Despite Stormy Obstacles

How do storms like Sandy threaten your software leads? Well if there is one theme that is prevalent in this storm’s recent coverage, it is the power of nature seemingly trumping technology. Things like power outages, property destruction, communication failure can all happen at once in the wake of this wild disaster.

You’ll Get Fewer Software Leads When Software Itself Gets Crippled… Right?

Software Leads, Accounting Software Leads, Lead GenerationIt is like that old “Back to nature” cliché. You have a technological society this all of a sudden hit by a super storm comes that seemingly reduces its citizens to living like in the days of George Washington (surely the Amish are celebrating). How do you expect to get B2B leads for your accounting software when said software remains no match for bad weather?

Frankly, this cliche has proven true for some time but could turn into a myth in the near future. Nature is not the only thing that evolves. One can even argue that technology itself progresses at a much faster rate (well, at least compared to the millions it takes just to evolve a single species). And when something evolves, its tendency to weaken against opposition diminishes. Clearly, it is just as much a myth to underestimate technology’s ability to adapt as to overestimate it.

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For example, take some of the products being featured here by Inc. Just to describe a few, the article includes:

  • Mobile offices
  • Portable internet satellite
  • Emergency power

A few other things you can include are online or cloud-based storage where your files are more or less stored away in a separate location. How do you like that Sandy? You see as much everyone should all give nature some respect, that is not the same as letting it (and its worshipers) bully tech industries from standing up against it. The products mentioned by Inc might sound crazily expensive but that price tag does not change the one, important fact: The technology is there. It is real.

The best part is that you can potentially generate more accounting software leads if your company has the guts to market this same capacity. Sure, your software may not be ‘storm-proof’ now but look to the technologies that were featured. They are a sign that your industry has what it takes to tackle the ancient adversaries created by nature. You are just one of the many players who are called to realize such possibilities! The only reason you are not attracting enough software leads is because you are too scared to stand up!

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With that established, here a few, simple messages your marketers can send out in response to nature’s challenge:

  • Emergency plans – Put up a plan in your website or in your technical manual that can educate prospects and customers on easy, storm-proofing steps.
  • Live demonstration – If you like using videos to attract software leads, use one that shows the many ways people can work with your software despite bad weather.
  • Emergency contacts – And as always, you should always leave a number (and a few more alternative ones) so people can contact you in times of emergency.

It is high time that those in the field of IT and business software start feeling less intimidated by bad weather. Because if you do, you will impress more and attract more software leads rather than the complete opposite. Promote your efforts to answer nature’s challenges in your B2B lead generation campaign!

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