Get Software Leads By Giving Prospects A Break

If you do not have high hopes for software leads this December, maybe that is a good thing. In fact, if you are an HR vendor, there might be an opportunity to see why B2B activity is not so high this time of year and use it to actually generate more software leads in the future.

Using Your Software Leads To Know How Prospects Like Their Time Off

Software Leads, ERP Software Leads, Sales LeadsEveryone needs a break. The decision makers representing your software leads need a break. Their employees need a break. You need a break from generating these HR leads as well. And why is that? It is because you are human. Sometimes, when your business is all about software, you tend to forget that humans are not hard-wired to work as nonstop as machines. (On a side note, you might want to check if thinking otherwise is the reason you have not been generating software leads either.)

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This is a need that you might actually want to look into. Identifying needs are the first step towards identifying software leads after all. The thing about giving time off though is that it is trickier than most people think. Some businesses plan shifts differently than others. Others work on a less than regular basis. Occasionally, you may even encounter software leads who only do any serious work once a year! All of these however are just different versions of a need you can cater to.

In fact, Christmas time is one of the best seasons for learning how prospects manage their time off.

Everyone wants to be home for Christmas. Even the CEO at the top of the corporate ladder has a family or someone close they would want to spend time with. On the other hand, a need for proper planning has to be in order. With Christmas day fast approaching, HR managers need powerful tools to organize the business schedule and ensure that it does not interfere with anyone’s holiday plans. In other words, you should try identifying your software leads by spotting issues like:

  • Absent automation – Some of your HR software leads could be businesses with an HR system that does not tabulate holidays at all. It is either present or absent which makes it tedious for the manager to patch up.
  • Different vacation plans – Your software leads could come from companies who like awarding their best employees with paid vacations. Software leads like this would want a system that is more easily adjusted and not clunky.

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  • Holiday pay – Some people still leave it to HR to handle payroll and the need manage it for holiday makes for another possible batch of software leads. No manager wants to look like Ebeneezer Scrooge among disgruntled employees.

Finally, you can also attract your software leads simply by being lighter with your marketing. Try opting for more amusing content or shorter emails and marketing calls. That way, when it is time to get back to work, they will remember you and wind up as more B2B sales leads!

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